Paradise Park

Wildlife Sanctuary • Cornwall

Events and things to do throughout the year including Easter Egg Hunts, summer flying displays, Quiz trails around the Park, Halloween Disco and more.

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The gardens are designed to complement the exotic wildlife at Paradise Park, and to provide plenty of nectar for native pollinators.

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Make it a birthday to remember with your choice of four themed party rooms with the birthday child’s name displayed on the door.

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Parrots are intelligent, charismatic and beautiful, but sensitive and demanding – as pets they are a BIG responsibility!

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Operation Chough is a conservation project established at Paradise Park, in Hayle, Cornwall in 1987.

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Red Panda Webcam (finished for 2015)

Thank you for watching the Red Panda family!

Red Panda ‘Jai-Li’ had twins on 27th June 2015. The cubs have left their den now, and are living out in the main enclosure. We hope that there may be more cubs in 2016 when we will get the cameras online again.


News: 27th June 2015

Jai-Li gave birth to two cubs, one at around 5:50am and one at 7:50am.

After name suggestions from visitors, Facebook fans and Twitter followers, the keepers choose ‘Rusty’ and ‘Scarlet’. They are now outside most of the time so the camera has been moved outside. Hopefully you may get to see them in the trees on the webcam.

STOP THE PRESS – New Red Panda Experience launched for 2016 – Click here for details

Jai-Li (which means beautiful) was born on 28th June 2011 and came to Paradise Park in 2012 to join Lang-Za, who was born at Marwell Zoo on 16th June 2006 and arrived at the Park back in December 2008.

Recent data suggests that Red Panda population numbers may be as low as 2,500, due to continuous loss of habitat and wildlife trading. The existing population is expected to experience additional declines of 10% every 10 years. People can help by joining the, spreading the word, adopt a Red Panda or sponsoring a Forest Guardian. These guardians not only conduct awareness-building workshops on red pandas with local villages and schools but also serve as a basis for continuing The Red Panda Network’s baseline research and monitoring and the establishment of community-based protected areas.

Did you know that the Red Panda is also called a ‘Firefox’, and it’s where the internet browser got their unique name in support of the Red Panda.

Camera technology and streaming by HandyKam smaller

Conservation Projects

We work with British, European and international breeding schemes, and run some of these here at the Park.

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Operation Chough

Operation Chough is a conservation project established at Paradise Park, in Hayle, Cornwall in 1987.

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