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Angelo the Bateleur Eagle

15th July 2015

Visitors to Paradise Park will get a chance to see a stunning young Bateleur Eagle at the ‘Eagles of Paradise Display’ this summer.

Curator David Woolcock comments “ Angelo is only one year old and so still has his juvenile colouring. It will take 7 to 8 years for him to fully mature by which time he will look quite different, with mainly black plumage and red facial skin. Since his arrival here at the park back in January we have been training him and now he is able to take part in our 12noon Eagles of Paradise Display. It is a popular daily event as some of the birds fly very close to the crowd, with fantastic photo opportunities.”

Angelo the Bateleur Eagle Angelo the Bateleur Eagle

The Bateleur is a snake hunting eagle. Bateleur In French means ‘tumbler’ like a circus acrobat, and this comes from the birds’ aerial acrobatics including turning somersaults high the sky and taking dramatic dives.

It has been classified as Near Threatened due to habitat loss, pesticide, international trade and nest disturbance. Decline has been noted over the past three generations but it is reasonably common in conservation areas.

Angelo the Bateleur Eagle

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