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Appeal for food donations

We use a wide variety of food for different species at the Park. If you have any spare good quality fruit, seeds, fish etc. as listed below, we would be incredibly grateful for any donations!

We have a Covid secure delivery box in the coach park (at the entrance) where items can be safely left between the hours of 10am and 4pm any day of the week.

IMPORTANT – please only drop off food to us if we are on your exercise route or you are already making an essential local journey and so can drop off while passing or nearby. If you are not local to us, then we have added a donations feature on our website for certain species, and we can then add the funds you donate to our next order from our wholesalers – please click here to see the details of species you can support.

Thanking you in advance  🙏💚 Xx

Food Room Paradise Park Cornwall Appeal for food donations Food prep at Paradise Park

Nuts both in and out of shell (not salted or flavoured – these are for the parrots and Red Squirrels)

Seeds, beans pulses – Sunflower seed and millet, parrot, budgie and canary mixes (we serve some fresh, some sprouted or cooked).

Fruit and Veg – Any fresh fruit and vegetables with the exception of avocado pears. Every day we use a lot of apples, pears, oranges, plus soft fruits according to season and price such as grapes, bananas, peppers, melon and papaya. Cabbage and green beans also good. We have enough carrots, tomatoes and cauliflowers at the moment – thank you.

Potatoes – We use sweet potatoes the most, and these are for the Red Pandas and Touracos. MOST NEEDED AT THE MOMENT

Dried fruits such as sultanas, dates, figs, apricots etc. (Touracos, hornbills and parrots enjoy these).

Frozen fruit and vegetables (peas, sweetcorn, berry fruits etc.). Tell us if you leave these so we can refrigerate.

Fruit juices especially cranberry (for Lorikeets and other parrots) can be concentrate.

Honey, treacle, golden syrup, demerara sugar (Ingredients in our nectar mix).

Madeira cake, plain cakes (madeleines for example) or fruit cakes – nothing chocolate or chocolate covered (Parrots and Lorikeets love these soaked in nectar).

Bread – Wholemeal, seeded or brown bread, rolls etc. (not white bread products).

Meat and fish – always notify if leaving these so we can refrigerate immediately:
Fish, not oily fish like mackerel and sprats but ideally trout, white fish whole or filleted, fresh or frozen (Otters and Bald Eagles eat these).
Cuts of beef without sauces or marinades (Enjoyed by most of the birds of prey).
Minced beef 0 fresh or frozen (The choughs enjoy this). MOST NEEDED AT THE MOMENT

Cut flowers if they have not been sprayed with chemicals or preservatives (Many birds like feeding on the nectar and pollen from flowers).

Plants such as buddleia, fuchsia, honeysuckle, rosemary or small conifers (these can be planted in aviaries). Bean, pea, marigold and nasturtium plants in season.


1) NEW – Donate towards a species
 Please click here We have added a new donations feature on our website for certain species. We can then add the funds you donate to our next order from our wholesalers. THANK YOU xx

2) Donate via

3) Our GO FUND ME page
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We also have an Amazon Wish List for the birds and animals here. The prices can vary and so could be more expensive than other places. You can of course source items from your own local businesses or elsewhere and send them direct to the Paradise Park, 16 Trelissick Road, Hayle, Cornwall TR27 4HB. Thanking you in advance for your support. 🙂

Thank you so much for the amazing donations – such an incredible local community, and also people from around the world ordering items to be sent to the Park! It is going to be a tough winter for us but with your donations and messages of support you have given us much needed hope for the future – THANK YOU! Xx

Food donations
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