Paradise Park

Wildlife Sanctuary • Cornwall

Events and things to do throughout the year including Easter Egg Hunts, summer flying displays, Quiz trails around the Park, Halloween Pumpkin Trail and more.

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Make it a birthday to remember with your choice of four themed party rooms with the birthday child’s name displayed on the door.

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Amazing Shows

The summer ‘Eagles of Paradise display‘ and ‘Free Flying Bird Show’ are incredibly popular and unique in Cornwall. Extremely close encounters with unusual birds including eagles, a vulture, cockatoos and choughs flying within, around and above the crowds. You will be left in awe of these wonderful birds!

The  ‘Eagles of Paradise Display’ every day during the summer (weather permitting)

This gives you the opportunity to see birds like Dakota the Bald Eagle up-close as he flies over and around you during these very informative and interesting flying displays.

Other species which can feature in this display include:
Tangee the Palm-nut Vulture
Androsthe Harris Hawk
Angelo the Bateleur Eagle
Bong the Kookaburra

The Show Team

Photo Opportunity at the end of ‘Eagles of Paradise Display’

Great up close photo opportunity at the end of the ‘Eagles of Paradise Display’ when the Keepers bring out one or two of birds of prey and answer questions. Weather permitting.

Eagles of Paradise Display

The summer ‘Free Flying Bird Show’ every day (weather permitting)

A great opportunity to learn about natural bird behaviours in a wonderfully entertaining way. The birds may vary but you may see cockatoos, choughs and conures among others. Parrots help the presenters explain the role of parrot conservation and biodiversity, and how much care pet birds need.

You may see a Kea parrot demonstrating recycling, and the wonderful Red-billed Cornish choughs flying to a Cornish flag while learning about our conservation project to help introduce this species back in to the wild! Find out more about Operation Chough here.

Free Flying Bird Show Paradise Park Hayle Cornwall Kea Parrot recycling Free Flying Bird Show Paradise Park Cornwall

New birds with different skills are often introduced to the Free Flying Bird Show, all trained using ‘positive re-enforcement.

Impressive Scarlet Macaw Spectacle at the end of the 3pm ‘Free Flying Bird Show’

You will be moved by the sight of the stunningly beautiful parrots flying out of their aviary and soaring into the sky. Strong and skilled flyers, our very sweet macaws are Haribo, Candy, Calipo, Dotty, Truffles, Skittles, Sherbert, Shrimp, Rhubarb, Polo, Malteser and Bounty. Another great photo opportunity.

Scarlet Macaws flying Paradise Park Cornwall

Have a cockatoo fly to your hand at the end of the 3pm ‘Free Flying Bird Show’

A unique and fun way for the staff and birds to fundraise for Paradise Park’s conservation projects. You have the opportunity to go up on the main stage at the end of the afternoon ‘Free Flying Bird Show’ to give a £1 or £2 donation. Roseate Cockatoos Billy, Rizzo or Rio will be ready to fly to your hand, collect the coin, fly back to the presenter and place it into the collection tin. Great fun and a very popular experience, all for a good cause. Weather permitting.

Please note that the daily shows are subject to change or cancellation due to weather (high winds/heavy rain).

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The ‘JungleBarn’ indoor play centre is fabulous fun whatever the weather. Giant slides, challenging soft play, toddlers’ zone with ball fountain.

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