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Bamboo take-away for the Red Pandas

The Endangered Red Pandas at Paradise Park have a new source of their favourite food, bamboo.

Trevena Cross is a nursery and garden centre in Breage, Cornwall. The hold a broad range of plants, but specialising in sub-tropical plants, palms, tree ferns, and bamboo.

Alison Hales, Director of Paradise Park said ” I’d like to thank Trevena Cross for their support, and particularly nurseryman John for his help in setting this up. As the pandas need five good stems of bamboo every day and cut stems only keep for two days in our fridge-temperature ‘cold room’ at Paradise Park. We will be visiting very often as we give our own bamboo plants a chance to regrow.”

Short video clip of Red Panda ‘Koda’ tucking in and enjoying some of the Trevena Cross bamboo

Trevena Cross has many species of bamboo for sale. Also large plantations of phyllostachys varieties in its car park. Owner Graham Jeffery is happy for these to be ‘thinned out’ to help the Red Pandas.

Red Panda, Paradise Park eating Bamboo John and Mike at Trevena Cross collecting Bamboo
‘Koda’ enjoying lunch! Nurseryman John and Paradise Park Head Gardener Mike.

Trevena Cross Nursery - bamboo is one of their specialities


Recent data suggests that Red Panda population numbers may be as low as 2,500, due to continuous loss of habitat and wildlife trading. The existing population is expected to experience additional declines of 10% every 10 years.

We support via funds and raise awareness. The Red Panda Network is committed to the conservation of wild red pandas and their habitat through the education and empowerment of local communities.

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