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Brazilian Tanager chick bred at Paradise Park

We are excited about the breeding of Brazilian Tanagers at the Park.

Brazilian Tanager chick at Paradise Park

Director Alison Hales comments “Our Brazilian Tanager pair arrived from Newquay Zoo last year and settled well into one of the South Aviaries. These aviaries are in full sun which the birds like, but there is also a dense, leafy shrub in there and that is where they chose to make their nest.

They share their aviary with a pair of Luzon Bleeding-heart Doves, which works out well as these are ground doves so the species don’t interfere with each other.

Brazilian Tanager male at Paradise Park Brazilian Tanager male in full colour
These two photos of the male, show him before and after he developed his full striking plumage.

The adults are very attentive, and particularly love to pick out the wax worms we feed them to pass on to their chick. I’m sure this little family will continue to thrive.”

They are native to lowland coastal forests of Brazil, and can also be found on the outskirts of cities. Tanagers are quite territorial, living in pairs or small groups consisting of parents and their offspring. Fruit makes up a large part of their diet, along with insects. As well as a bowl of food in their hut we have a ‘peg board’ at the back of the aviary where we can spike fruit for them to eat.

Brazilian Tanager chick at an early stage Brazilian Tanager chick at Paradise Park
Photo on the left by Keeper Becky Waite of the chick at an earlier stage.

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