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Cornwall’s Barn Owls get more support from Paradise Park

Mark Grantham with Paradise Park keepers Sophie and Leanne

A joint project between Cornwall Bird Watching & Preservation Society (CBWPS) and Paradise Park successfully provided new homes for Cornish Barn Owls in 2017, and increased visits to nests to mark chicks with rings which help to monitor their progress and movements.

Photograph – From left: Keeper Sophie Piper, Mark Grantham, Chairman of the Cornwall Bird Watching and Preservation Society, Keeper Leanne Gilbert and Evan who flies in the summer shows at the Park to help raise awareness of the plight of Barn Owls.

CBWPS already works with the West Cornwall Ringing Group and National Trust, monitoring nests and ringing chicks.

Mark Grantham, CBWPS Chairman, comments “In 2017 we have been able to put up many new boxes, thanks to generous funding and help raising awareness from Paradise Park. Over time this will make a difference as birds move into some of the newer boxes. We have also ringed 90 chicks which is our highest to date, and hopefully we’ll break the 100 barrier next year!”

Paradise Park Director, Alison Hales said “For Barn Owls to thrive, they need habitat with plenty of small mammals, especially voles, to eat, and a cosy place to shelter and nest. They face many perils including traffic collisions, poisoning from rodenticides and hard winters, so need all the help they can get. We are delighted to be able to continue our support for a second year with another £1,000 donation, and will continue to raise awareness with the local community.

When we asked the CBWPS what limits the Barn Owl population in the county, it identified a lack of nest sites as a major factor. If you own land in Cornwall where there is good habitat and a building, but no nest available we want you to get in touch. The most promising sites will be visited and a nest box provided and fitted if all the necessary criteria are met. If you already have nesting Barn Owls then your birds can be included in the monitoring scheme with twice-yearly visits. For further information, you can pick up a leaflet at Paradise Park or email direct to

2022 – An additional £150 for two years is being donated for the rings that are used for Barn Owl chicks in Cornwall.

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Keeper Sarah-Jayne Cooke with Evan the Barn Owl at Paradise Park in Hayle Evan the Barn Owl at Paradise Park Hayle Barn Owl Evan Flying out of the next box during the shows
Keeper Sarah-Jayne Cooke with Evan the Barn Owl who often stars in the summer show.

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