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Hi, everyone! My name is SuperParrot! I am a Scarlet Macaw and the official mascot of Paradise Park in Cornwall!

This is my SuperPage – a place to show off just some of the AMAZING animals at Paradise Park. By the way when birds show off, it’s called ‘displaying’.

Each month, I am going to meet a different bird or mammal from the Park. I will tell you a bit about them and, hopefully, one day you will come and meet them too!

Also some of our lovely human visitors like to send us photos, pictures and even craftworks including a fabulous little Scarlet Macaw model (did I mention Scarlet Macaws are brilliant?). See the gallery at the bottom of the page with a few Super examples.

January 2024

For my first SuperParrot SuperMeeting, I wanted to catch up with the best birds at the Park – the Scarlet Macaws!

In the wild Scarlet Macaws live in Central and South America. Our scientific name is Ara macao and we love to eat fruit, nuts, seeds and a bit of nectar! Let me introduce you to one of my favourites, called ‘Skittles’. All Scarlet Macaws hatched at Paradise Park are named after sweets 🙂

You might remember Skittles from the news a few years ago – she is famous! Scarlet Macaws love flying and for those of us who live at Paradise Park, we get to ‘fly free’. This means that during our regular bird show events we leave our aviary home and can fly all around the Park.

A few years ago, Skittles and her brothers and sisters were flying high and a gust of wind blew them off course. Usually we stay quite close to our home area as we recognise it as a safe place and where we get our dinner, but on this day Skittles got lost and found herself about 20 miles away in Porthleven! Luckily, when her ‘Friend in Green’, Keeper and Presenter Danny, went to find her, she quickly flew back to him and he brought her home. She was a little tired and hungry but after some extra walnuts she was fine and soon back with her brothers and sisters.

Skittles hatched in August 2015, which means she is going to be 9 this summer 2024! Brilliant!

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Scarlet Macaws and Skittles. See you soooooooon!

SuperParrot x

Read more about Scarlet Macaws HERE.

February 2024

Hello again, everyone! Thank you for the lovely comments about my new page! I am glad you enjoyed reading about Scarlet Macaw ‘Skittles’ last month.

This month, I met ‘Berry’. She is a Red-Vented Cockatoo, also known as Cacatua haematuropygia (try saying it like this: ca-ca-too-a hee-ma-t-yur-o-pi-jee-a)!

As you can see, Berry is mostly white and has red and yellow feathers on the underside of her tail, which you can see when she is sitting on a branch. Another name for Red-Vented Cockatoos is the Philippine Cockatoo because they are found in the Philippines, a country in Asia.

In the wild, they are classified as ‘Critically Endangered’ largely due to deforestation as a lot of their natural mangrove tree habitat has been chopped down. There are now conservation projects to protect and plant trees and this is helping the cockatoos in the wild, which is great!

Cockatoos are part of the parrot family – they are the ones with crests and they eat seeds, fruit, nuts, flowers, the bark of some trees and berries. Berry loves to eat hawthorn berries – imagine if we were all named after food we loved! What would you be called?

Berry loves her aviary home, which has two special nest boxes designed to look like hollows in a tree, just like in the wild. They are made of wood and have two entrances to give Berry and her partner, Rich Senior, a choice of ways in and out. They do like to make a few changes by chewing around the entrance holes and they get new nests each year due to their ‘improvements.’

Cockatoos use their voices to communicate and Berry can be very loud! She would love you to come and say hello to her! If you can’t make it to the Park, why not draw a picture of Berry and send it to us for her to see?

Thanks for reading – see you next time!

SuperParrot x

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