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Hyacinth Macaw Nestcam

Due to a technical problem this webcam is currently offline but we hope to have it back up and running shortly.

Welcome to our nestcam!

We hope this Hyacinth Macaw pair will lay eggs in 2021 but we don’t expect much activity until the weather gets warmer.

Ronnie and Zula are a well-bonded pair and in summer 2020 laid eggs and incubated them, but sadly they didn’t hatch and eventually the nest was abandoned. The Keepers have now made them a new nest – these parrots often need new boxes as they use their incredibly strong beaks to chew at the timber. The chewing creates wood chippings to line their nest but eventually holes begin to appear and the nests eventually become structurally unstable.

During the colder months when daylight is in short supply we don’t expect breeding activity. Meanwhile the pair are getting used to their new nest box – you will see the start of chewing on the first timber batten inside the entrance hole. Also notice that there are plenty of other sturdy pieces of timber attached to the thick ply sides. This is sacrificial wood, there just so it can be chewed as a natural part of nesting behaviour to adapt the nest to their exact satisfaction, the wood chips keep the eggs and chicks cosy.

The camera was kindly donated by a generous supporter and is now placed above a perspex sheet to keep it safe from the inquisitive birds. There is great value in being able to monitor the nest in such detail and we hope that this pair will again produce eggs, and maybe this time will succeed in hatching chicks.

PLEASE NOTE: When the macaws are standing in the entrance hole they will be blocking the available light for a while so the screen will appear almost black during that time.


Hyacinth Macaws will pair for life.

Ronnie and Caju the Hyacinth Macaws

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