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Events and things to do throughout the year including Easter Egg Hunts, summer flying displays, Quiz trails around the Park, Halloween Pumpkin Trail and more.

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Make it a birthday to remember with your choice of four themed party rooms with the birthday child’s name displayed on the door.

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We want children to get as much as possible from a visit – wildlife education, inspiration about the natural world and active fun.

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Free Flying Bird Show summer 2020

You can’t fail to be amazed by the birds at the summer Free Flying Bird Show!

Please note that this event will now not be happening during the summer until further notice.

Everyday at 3:30pm from Easter to the end of September weather permitting.

Macaw Header Image
Above: Beautiful macaws preparing for flight at the end of the Free Flying Show

Daily Events
Above: Close encounters as the birds fly through, around and above you on the picnic lawn.

The presenters are all Keepers with a wealth of experience and explain and display natural bird behaviours in a wonderfully entertaining way. The birds may vary but you will usually see a large, colourful macaw circle the stage before landing – this shows how important colour is for parrots, and then how the beak and feet work together in gathering and eating food. Other parrots help the presenters explain the role of parrot conservation and biodiversity, and how much care pet birds need.

Below: The kookaburras show their incredible natural reaction to snakes, and sometimes use visitors with hats as perches!
Kookaburra at Free Flying Bird Show Paradise Park Cornwall 2 Kookaburra at Free Flying Bird Show Paradise

On many occasions you can also see Dave the Otter, showing off his skills of retrieving toy fish for rewards.

Newton the Kea parrot often appears and he shows us how important recycling is! Video below.

New birds with different skills are often introduced to the Free Flying Bird Show, all trained using ‘positive re-enforcement’.

At the end of the show, visitors are invited to come up on stage to give a donation to the World Parrot Trust in a unique way, with a small parrot, matbe a Roseate Cockatoo or Yellow-shouldered Amazons flying to visitors’ hands to pick up a pound coin, and flying back to the presenters to deposit it into a charity box.

Other stars of the show which sometimes appear… photographs below show a ‘Trumpeter’ running inbetween the children sitting on the lawn, and three beautiful Sun Conures (endangered species) are flown inbetween everyone, giving you a chance to see them up-close and take photos.

Free Flying Bird Show Free Flying Bird Show

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