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Hand-reared penguin chicks Peaches and Paloma

The keepers have been very busy hand-rearing two Humboldt’s penguin chicks at Paradise Park in Hayle.

Penguin Keeper Rachel Carter said “We are delighted that both our hand-reared penguins are doing well. When the chicks are very young we keep a check on their weight. If they are not putting on enough it is an early sign there is a problem. It is at that point we take them to hand-rear to make sure they survive. ‘Peaches’ had a bit of a bad start, and for a while it was a struggle to encourage her to eat, which normally they do through instinct. After a few worrying days, one morning she suddenly she started to eat fish and then there was no stopping her. She has now taken her first swim and little ‘Paloma’ who is a few weeks younger will be following her in to the pool very soon.”

You can watch a video of the chicks and the day that ‘Peaches’ started to eat fish here.

Video clip of Peaches taking first swim below.

Rachel continues “We hope that both the chicks will be out and about at the feed times during Easter, so fingers crossed visitors will be able to see them.”

BELOW – Peaches taking her first swim with Keeper Izzy.

Peaches taking first swim with Keeper Izzy

BELOW – Peaches after her first swim!

Baby Penguin Peaches after her first swim

BELOW – Peaches as a very young chick back in January

Peaches Jan 4th 2019 Peaches on Jan 4th 2019

BELOW – Paloma is on the left and Peaches with her ‘I’ve just been swimming look’ is on the right.

Baby Penguins Paloma left and Peaches right

BELOW – Both chicks with Keeper Rachel plus one of Peaches before her first swim.

Peaches and Paloma with Keeper Rachel Penguin chick Peaches before first swim

Find out more about our Humboldt’s Penguins here


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