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Hearts a flutter this Valentine’s Day at Paradise Park

Many of the birds at Paradise Park are looking for a Valentines love!

Curator David Woolcock explains “Due to the COVID travel restrictions we have many birds waiting either to join partners in other zoos, or waiting for their new mates to join us here in Hayle, Cornwall.

Hyacinth Macaw
Hyacinth Macaw

We also have a few species that are yet to find mates, these include our two male Pesquet’s Parrots (a Vulnerable species also known as the Dracula Parrot or as the Vulturine Parrot), a Male Vulturine Guineafowl, our Male Snowy Crowned Robin Chat and our Male Azure Tit. All are looking for love!

As you can see from the list below, there are moves planned for all over the UK and internationally as well.

Male Hyacinth Macaw to Paignton Zoo (Vulnerable species)
Male Cabot’s Tragopan from Birdworld (Vulnerable species)
Male Violaceous Touraco from Dudley Zoo
Male Victoria Crowned Pigeon from Twycross (Near Threatened species)
Male Red-vented Cockatoo from Wildplace (Bristol) (Critically Endangered Species)
Female Argus Pheasant to Artis Zoo (Amsterdam) (Vulnerable species)
Female Red Squirrel to Wildwood in Kent
Female Red Squirrel to Longleat
Male Palawan Peacock Pheasant to Harewood (Leeds) (Vulnerable species)
Female Mitchell’s Lorikeet to Heidelberg (Endangered Species)
Female Blue-crowned Laughing Thrush to London Zoo (Critically Endangered Species)
Female Yellow backed Chattering Lory to Birdworld (Vulnerable species)
Male White eared Pheasant to Paulton’s Park (Near Threatened species)
Male Superb Starling to Birdland
Female Red-billed Chough to Halle Zoo (Germany)
Female Tawny Frogmouth to Jurong  (Singapore)

These are all part of co-operative breeding programmes for many Near Threatened, Vulnerable, Endangered and Critically Endangered species around the world. They highlight vital ongoing conservation work, and how important it is that wildlife parks and zoos are supported through these difficult times.

Pesquet’s Parrot at Paradise Park Cornwall Mitchell's Lorikeet at Paradise Park Cornwall
Pesquet’s Parrots and Mitchell’s Lorikeet

As soon a restrictions are lifted we very much hope this will be the beginning of successful new pairings and not long before chicks start hatching out ‘on the wings of love”

Paradise Park have set up a ‘Valentines Gift Donations’ scheme along with a new ‘Donate to a Species’ feature on their website to help care for the birds and animals at the Park during this lockdown. Please click here for details.

A short video clip of the Pesquet’s Parrot

Snow-capped Robin Chat Adult male Paradise Park Cornwall
Snow-capped Robin Chat Adult

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