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Leadbeater’s Cockatoo makes appearance at nest entrance

Leadbeater's Cockatoo chick says hello to world!

We have been waiting a long time but Leadi and Sharron’s first Leadbeater’s Cocatoo chick has climbed up to the nest entrance and looked out.

Leadbeater's Cockatoo Chick Paradise Park
Photograph by Director Alison Hales

The parent male “Leadi” is 22 years old and we have been looking for several years to find a partner for him. In 2022 we were offered a female “Sharron” from a Wildlife Park in Kent. It was love at first sight!

2023 was their first breeding season together and Sharron produced what we think was her first ever clutch of eggs. Two chicks hatched on 25th May. The first chick started looking from the nest four days ago and is due to fledge within the next week, with the second fledging shortly thereafter.

Some photographs of development in the nest (from Keeper Louise) prior to the photo above .

Leadi and Sharron's first Leadbeater's Cockatoo chick hatches at Paradise Park
ABOVE: Leadi and Sharron’s first Leadbeater’s Cockatoo chick hatches

Both Leadbeater chicks hatch
ABOVE: Both chicks have hatched

Both Leabeater's Cockatoo chicks developing in the nest
ABOVE: Both chicks are doing well in the nest

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