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New abode for ‘Angel’ and ‘Pierre’ the Hornbills

2nd September 2016

Two stunning Ground Hornbills are enjoying their new home here at Paradise Park.

Director Alison Hales explains “These hornbills have been at the Park for a few years now, but they were in an ‘off show’ aviary. We had the opportunity to redevelop an old enclosure in the centre of the Park, so we made sure it was for Angel and Pierre.”

Angel was bred at Paignton Zoo in Devon and Pierre came from Zoo Parc de Beauval in France, to join her.

Watch this video here for Angel and Pierre exploring their new enclosure.

Alison continues “Our hornbills are the northern or Abyssinian species. These birds have a prehistoric appearance, and remarkably long eyelashes. They are mainly carnivorous, catching and eating many small animals including rodents, birds and lizards but also some fruit. Hornbills have bony ‘casques’ on their heads and bare skin around their eyes and neck. Pierre has red and blue, Angel just blue. They are vocal birds which make deep, booming calls.

We’ve taken a lot of care to design their new home. Appropriate perching and planting areas and a big nest box – it’s looking fabulous and the birds are proving very popular with visitors.”

Pierre the Ground Hornbill Angel the Ground Hornbill
LEFT: Pierre and RIGHT: Angel

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