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New Flamingo Webcam Launched

7th April 2020

Due to recent requests and a big increase in visits to our LIVE Penguin and Chough webcams, we have introduce a brand new Flamingo Webcam.

Flamingos at Paradise Park

We wanted to add an another camera and the flamingos are a good choice, both because they have fascinating bonding and nest-building behaviours but also because it is helpful to monitor them at all times. We can see which birds are paired and exactly when an egg has been laid.

The flamingos need a muddy ‘lagoon’ to skim for algae to eat and as a location for breeding. At the moment they tend to be more active in the mornings, but as the days get longer they start showing interest in their nests again, they stand on the starter ‘forms’, pulling up wet mud up to create the shape they require.

We had our first ever flamingo chick in August last year. Derek, as she came to be known, is very popular with visitors. We have a ‘Flamingo Chick Update’ so you can see and follow her progress and development since day one.

Below: Flamingos nesting in summer 2019.

Caribbean Flamingo on egg

Caribbean Flamingo parents share caring for the egg

Below: Derek was hatched in August 2019. See the Flamingo Chick Update here

Keeper Becky holding the little Flamingo chick


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