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Nick Baker is helping Grey Parrots

4th September 2016

Nick Baker at Paradise ParkNaturalist and television presenter Nick Baker loves parrots, and is supporting the petition started by the World Parrot Trust to get more protection for wild African Greys.

The petition asks CITES to end the trade in both species of Greys because thousands are being trapped in the wild each year for the overseas pet trade.

Once widespread throughout Africa, over 1.3 million Grey Parrots have been legally exported over the past four decades. Many are poorly treated and die before export. Falling numbers are driving trappers into ever more remote areas to find parrots to catch, but much of this trade remains legal. A number of African countries have recognised the crisis and are making efforts to give these beautiful and intelligent birds maximum protection under international law.

At the end of September 2016 there will be a meeting when the fate of these parrots will be decided. Making international trade illegal would help safeguard the African Grey Parrot’s future. The World Parrot Trust will be in attendance at the meeting, we urge you to add your support.

Nick says ‘An end to the trade in wild Grey Parrots is well overdue, please sign the World Parrot Trust petition.’



More information on Africa’s Grey Parrots on the World Parrot Trust project page and read the blog by Rowan Martin, World Parrot Trust Africa Programmes Director.

Nick Baker has a Timneh Parrot called Thomas who now lives at Paradise Park, and stars in the Free Flying Bird Show. Nick visits regularly to keep in touch with her.


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