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Paradise Park takes in 27 birds from illegal trade

Even in these tough times Paradise Park in Cornwall takes in 27 birds from illegal trade within the EU

Two Toco Toucans at Paradise Park Cornwall
Two rescued Toco Toucans

Paradise Park is often asked to assist when there are birds in need of help and it is income from the Park’s visitors which funds this vital work.

Curator David Woolcock explains “Although the Park is not presently receiving any income from visitors as closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the illegal trade in wild birds sadly continues. We recently received a request to provide a safe and caring home for a further 27 birds caught up in illegal trade within the EU. These birds were confiscated by the authorities but it was not possible to repatriate them as it was not clear from where they had originated and some also had health issues.

We are very grateful to Specialist Wildlife Services, with their assistance the birds arrived safely and now we will ensure that they receive the very best of care at Paradise Park. They are already set up in aviaries so have the opportunity to fly and bathe, their diets have been decided on and veterinary treatments for several of them have already started – the Park’s vet is hopeful for a good outcome on their foot issues long term. DNA samples have been sent off to confirm sexes and we will now work with other zoos so the birds can be included in sustainable breeding programs.”

Lesions to feet health issues – Left a Toco Toucan and Right a Pine Grosbeak

David continues “Not only do we now have a further 27 mouths to feed but some of the birds have chronic health issues which will require additional and long term veterinary care. Despite these difficult times we continue our commitment to provide help to birds in desperate need whenever we can.”

A video clip of the two Toco Toucans as they settle in to their new surroundings

The confiscated birds which recently arrived are;

2 Toco Toucan
6 White-cheeked Touraco
4 Red-crested Touraco
4 White-crested Touraco
2 Livingstone’s Touraco
1 Purple-crested Touraco
5 Pine Grosbeak
2 Moussier’s Redstart
1 Azure Tit

This is the first time Paradise Park has ever started a fundraiser. The funds will help us through this current coronavirus situation, so it can ensure that the animals will notice no difference in the high standard of care they are used to and staff can carry on with ongoing conservation projects. It costs more than £1,500 a week just for the food for the nearly 1,200 animals. It is an uncertain time for everyone, but any donation, no matter how big or small – whether it feeds one penguin or the family of Red Pandas – will make a real difference until we can open our doors once again. For more information on donating please click here. Thank you xx

A Pine Grosbeak

A Red-crested Touraco

A White-crested Touraco

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