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Events and things to do throughout the year including Easter Egg Hunts, summer flying displays, Quiz trails around the Park, Halloween Pumpkin Trail and more.

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Make it a birthday to remember with your choice of four themed party rooms with the birthday child’s name displayed on the door.

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Penguin Awareness Day

10th January 2016

The 20th of January is Penguin Awareness Day!

Alison Hales, Director at Paradise Park said “Penguins are a favourite with our visitors and our staff too. I’m sure this is due to their smart appearance and comical walk, but they are perfectly adapted to their coastal habitats and for little birds they have big personalities! Some are extremely friendly and love a stroke, others are happy to get on with the business of eating fish, preening and bonding with their mates.

We take a lot of pride in giving little insights into their lives, they are surprisingly heavy, streamlined for swimming of course, with dense feathers to keep them warm. Humboldt’s Penguins are a Vulnerable species so we are pleased to have bred several in 2015, all still have their juvenile greyish plumage until their first moult in the summer.”

More information on our Humboldt’s Penguins is available here

We have two penguin feedings each day – for current details please click here

Penguin Feeding Paradise Park Hayle Cornwall 

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