Paradise Park

Wildlife Sanctuary • Cornwall

Events and things to do throughout the year including Easter Egg Hunts, summer flying displays, Quiz trails around the Park, Halloween Disco and more.

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Make it a birthday to remember with your choice of four themed party rooms with the birthday child’s name displayed on the door.

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Weather check – Rain or windy day information

Paradise Park is an award-winning wildlife sanctuary with an indoor JungleBarn play centre.

Most of the Park is out in the open with over 130 species, outdoor play, Fun Farm, Walled Garden, Parrot Jungle, summer flying shows and more.


Sunny or cloudy Perfect conditions
Showery or light rain Still enjoyable with places to shelter and the JungleBarn indoor play centre. If weather deteriorates quickly there is a chance that a summer flying show could be cancelled.
Very Windy – Summer flying displays may be cancelled.
Heavy Rain – Best to choose another day to see flying displays. The indoor JungleBarn play centre is open whatever the weather, but please note it can get very busy on bad weather days


Daily flying shows in the summer, weather permitting.

Daily Shows (For the latest information on shows please click here)
When it is a very rainy or windy day, our summer flying shows (Eagles of Paradise Display, and the Free Flying Bird Show) may not happen as the birds would not wish to fly in those conditions. It very much depends on the level of rain and wind that day. So depending on the forecast, we keep the option open for as long as possible before deciding to cancel any display in case there is improvement and we can go ahead.

Some of the birds are not effected by wet weather such as the penguins, flamingos and ducks, the birds in the Tropical House, or rabbits and guinea pigs in Pet’s Corner in the Fun Farm. During very rainy/windy times, it is natural for some birds and animals to take shelter and not be so visible until conditions improve.

Indoor and undercover facilities
These include the big JungleBarn play centre, the Otter Pool Café, and around the Park there are a couple of undercover buildings including the small barn in the Fun Farm, a small hut in Parrot Jungle and the tropical greenhouse area, which can be handy if showers are passing over.

JungleBarn Indoor

JungleBarn Indoor Play (please click here for the latest information)
The indoor JungleBarn play centre is open all year 10am to 6pm whatever the weather. Please note: From Easter to October the JungleBarn is part of an overall visit to Paradise Park and we are not able to offer separate JungleBarn only entry. But in winter our opening hours reduce due to daylight so last entry to the Park is 3pm, then we offer discounted entry just to the JungleBarn. See the Admission page for more info.

During school holidays the JungleBarn can get very busy if the weather is bad. When the weather clears, you are then able to enjoy the rest of the Park and the daily events.

Jungle Express Train

Jungle Express Train
The train track needs to be dry for the brakes to grip, so in wet weather the train can’t run – but if it is just a bit damp we treat the tracks with dry sand so that you can still enjoy a ride if possible. For more info on the train please click here.

If it is due to rain all day, then it is better to visit the Park another day so you can enjoy all we have to offer.

Please do contact us if you would like further information.

Amazing Shows

During the summer season, Easter to September, the daily events include two amazing flying shows.

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Great fun for ALL the family no matter what the weather. Giant slides, challenging soft play and a special toddlers’ zone.

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