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Wildlife Sanctuary • Cornwall

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Below please find a selection of comments that people have made about their visit to Paradise Park, from letters, emails or from Facebook, TripAdvisor or Google
Thank you to everyone for the feedback, we really do appreciate it 🙂

All round good experience.

TripAdvisor February 2024

Great fun for our 6 year old granddaughter and lovely for us too: the birds and animals looked well kept, the free flying parrots etc were great, the restaurant was fine and the plantings were ok for February! Impressed with the cleanliness of the play area and the staff were all very friendly and helpful.
Reviewed by PaulO633

The closest experience to tropical birds in the wild

TripAdvisor October 2023

Did not expect a visit to a zoo to be the highlight of our trip to Cornwall. Having experienced the joy of seeing tropical birds flying free, birds in cages feel wrong. Paradise Park more than overcomes our reservations. The range of different parrots to see here is more than anyone but a professional naturalist knows about or traveller could see in the wild. Loss of habitat makes captive breeding programmes as conducted here a last hope for preserving species. The care and space for the animals does what it can to make the best of the cages. The information about the birds is cleverly presented:enough to tell an interesting story but not too much detail.
Much of the presentation is rightly designed for children. But there is plenty to interest us pensioners.

What a great day out!

TripAdvisor September 2023

We are two mid-60s retirees. Only have 1 grandchild who wasn’t there as he’s too young. Yet, we really enjoyed our visit today. Saw lots of great and wonderful birds, saw otters (super cute the are) and the penguin feeding. Really lovely to see how many creatures they themselves have either directly reared or assisted in doing so. Particularly the Red Clough, native to Cornwall.
Reviewed by mconnor042

A Magical Place

TripAdvisor September 2023

This place has a real special place in my heart.
The hard work the staff do and the pure love they have for the birds is evident to see.
The birds of prey show and the free flying show – just wow. Feel really lucky to witness these magnificent birds doing their thing.
Just awesome.
Reviewed by jameskl4

Fantastic Feathered Friends

TripAdvisor September 2023

An excellent visit to Paradise Park. The variety of exotic birds is amazing. It makes you realise just how wonderful nature is to create such beautifully coloured birds. The flying display is definitely the highlight of the day, especially when the flock of macaws was released from their enclosure. Penguin feeding time was another highlight despite the fact that most of them were uninterested in food and just wanted to swim in the cool water on what was a really hot day. The choughs were lovely to see and to watch as part of the display.
Reviewed by VinceH897

Fantastic Day Out

TripAdvisor September 2023

Really enjoyed a trip to paradise park, and learnt loads. Super lucky to get a very quick glance of the baby otters as they poked their heads out the nest. Loads of different birds and animals to see and learn about. Loved the different displays and talks. The penguin one and the birds of prey were particularly good. My fav was feeding the lorikeets. They were beautiful. Really great day out.
Reviewed by SWH100

Lovely to see so many of the birds flying free

Google review September 2023

A great day out with a great selection of displays and talks. So lovely to see so many of the birds flying free and or I large aviaries. The staff were passionate about putting conservation across to the public too and raising money for causes including chough reintroduction, saving vultures and the parrot trust.
From Emma

We will treasure the memories

Google Review September 2023

Our family had the best day here. We usually speed through places and feel we haven’t spent much time at an attraction, but we stayed here until the park closed. There were lots of birds and animals to see. The park is really clean, and we were able to get round everywhere with our daughter’s wheelchair.

Our children are 14, 11 and 4 and all absolutely loved their time at the park. We were blown away by the fact a few members of staff took the time to show our daughter with special needs some of their treasured birds. This meant the world to us as a family and we will treasure the memories.

The play barn was really good fun, and we were able to get some great food at the café. We really enjoyed the shows and the team’s passion for the birds was very clear and really magical. A really special day out for the whole family.
From Jill Simpson

Beyond expectations!

TripAdvisor August 2023

Beyond expectations!
We had a fabulous day out. Fun for everyone young and older – they have an endless selection of birds of different species and colours, great for taking pictures. The highlights were the very informative and entertaining bird shows – the birds flew very close to us! They’ve also got a wider selection of other animals which you can feed which the kids really enjoyed. We saw lots of young kids and teens and they were having a great time (along with our teens). We had food and beverages around lunch time with lots of seating outside and inside. The staff were lovely, I’d happily visit again!
From Phillip S

A gem of a place!

TripAdvisor July 2023

We thoroughly enjoyed our day at Paradise Park. The whole place was really well staffed and very well maintained and clean. The investment in great staff really showed. There was an outstanding range of birds to view including in a free flying aviary, as well as a little farm, an indoor play area in the jungle barn (you need to prebook a time slot and this too was so clean and tidy!) and red panda and otters etc. Lots of informative shows with plentiful outdoor seating throughout the day. The nectar feeding of rainbow lorikeets was a real highlight for the children. It was the perfect size and a real credit to whoever is managing it. I appreciate zoos and wildlife parks are not for everyone but this seemed to be run really well and responsibly with all enclosures and areas for birds and animals very well maintained.
From LegalMole

A magical, magical thing.

TripAdvisor Review July 2023

A wonderful surprising day out.
I came with a load of ideas about what this might be like, but none of them got close to what I found. This is a clearly much loved, beautifully looked after wildlife park. The gardens are gorgeous, there are benches thoughtfully placed everywhere you go to admire the views out to sea or of the most gorgeous birds and stand out exhibits around every corner – flamingoes, penguins, a new pair of otters and – oh my – maccaws. The flying displays are weather dependent, but they are not to be missed if they are on. The free flight, out of their aviary of a flock of giant,colourful macaws – a dozen perhaps – to music – was as wonderful a thing as I have seen anywhere. A magical, magical thing. Great staff too. Thank you for a fabulous afternoon.
From Everr3ddy

Our family has visited this place for 35+ years

Google Review June 2023

A very quick visit today. Lots of live flying , feeding, and interactions with birds and otters.
The information from staff was clear, and they’re very passionate about their conservation and breeding programmes. Enclosures are all kept incredibly well. No sick animals or birds. All look to be happy and very healthy. The flights of the macaws were stunning today. We were also very lucky that because of the breeziness today, Paradise Park was pretty quiet, so we had great views of all of the exhibits.

We had a great time in the soft play, which is clean and well managed. They’re also still using a booking system since covid to keep numbers to a sensible level, so it’s not a completely overcrowded free for all, like many soft plays in Cornwall often are!
Disabled access facilities are available, and access to the park is all wheelchair and pushchair friendly.

Our family has visited this place for 35+ years ( since I was little ), and I can honestly say it’s gone from strength to strength. It’s absolutely lovely to see such good avian husbandry, and the animals here all seem very content too. The otters are so cute we wish we could have stayed all day to watch them!

It’s definitely worth the visit. As a small attraction, they are making massive investments into conservation and breeding, and it shows. The information about each species can be found from any of the keepers, and their enthusiasm for their wonderful little park and its residents is so heartwarming. I am so proud to see the place still going despite the effects covid has had on other similar attractions across the region.
Well done, Nick and team!!
Review from Bernadette

The birds of prey show is a must

Google Review June 2023

An amazing day out, I would highly recommend making a day of it and going to all the available shows and events throughout the day. The birds of prey show is a must and the feeding of the lorikeet is one of the best experiences in the whole park. The price is reasonable with a lot on offer.
From Sam

A must do on your list

Google Review June 2023

Fabulous place to visit for all ages . Reasonable price , nice cafe , friendly helpful staff . Very clean and well run. If you’re in the area, a must do on your list.
From Velda

Highly recommend

Google Review June 2023

Paradise Park has always been my favourite place to visit in Cornwall. I’d been coming here since I was little so this time it was nice to finally bring my son along and pass down my love for it. He absolutely loved it! He liked watching the otter/ penguin feeding and seeing all the different birds and animals in the park and doing the otter quiz. It was also nice to see the birds of prey up close at 12pm. Paradise really looks after all residents there and the keepers are so dedicated.
The Playbarn is still as I remember it, my son loved it especially the rainbow slide! It was also super clean and having prebooked time slots for sessions is much better now!
Gift shop is great for all ages too!
Staff are so helpful and friendly.
Shame we were only here for 4 days otherwise we’d definitely have bought a return ticket. Hopefully next year we’ll be back!
Highly recommend anyone to visit.
From Sophie

Lovely day especially the live displays

Google Review June 2023

Well worth a visit..lovely day especially the live displays..bald eagles, vulture, parrots, owls etc..all animals are so well looked after.. clean park and friendly staff .so informative ..would recommend for all ages.
From Joanne

Definitely a place to visit with kids

Google Review April 2023

We visited twice in our 2 week holiday to Cornwall. Our little girl loved it. Especially the park and the train. She really enjoyed feeding the goats, the sheep not so much (clearly she has her favourites) we saw the birds of prey show, which was amazing. Definitely a place to visit with kids. So educational while still being fun. We didn’t visit the indoor play area though, so can’t comment on that, but it’s good to have that option to include in the visit too. Thanks to the park for their hospitality.
From Lucy

Excellent day out

Google Review February 2023

Excellent day out, the bird show was fab and we loved Frank the owl such beautiful birds. The walk around is well set out into different areas, very clean and tidy. Loved feeding the goats and sheep, very gentle animals so ideal for little ones. The jungle area is very well done with some lovely birds to see. There is a cafe which we sadly didn’t visit and a well stocked, well presented gift shop. Staff are extremely friendly and always smiling.
From Adele

Place to make a lot of memories

Emailed to the Park Feb Half Term 2023

To all at Paradise Park. This is just to say a massive thank you for making my families visit today absolutely FANTASTIC! We were greeted this morning by the lovely keepers Archie and Eleanor, who we also saw a lot of throughout the day! My children were able to hold rabbits and Guinea pigs and also make enrichment for the Parrots. This is a super amazing experience, especially for children with behavioral problems we’re they don’t necessarily like a lot of people around. Eleanor was so calm when my son was nervous about  holding a  rabbit, she sat with him whilst he was stroking the rabbit until he got super excited and suddenly really wanted to hold it. She was patient with my son and daughter with their strange questions and queries. We then proceeded into the jungle barn, where I must say, it was super clean! Having curious children you wonder what they’re touching and all the germs about, but this place was absolutely spotless. The staff, again, were absolutely fantastic!

After going on a little tour we ended up at the Lorikeet feeding. Eleanor made sure that both my children were able to have at least on bird land on their hand. She was again super patient with their questions and so lovely and chatty with my children, they really loved asking her questions.  My son was slightly scared at the thought of a bird landing on him. She held his arm still whilst 3 birds landed on him! It was his favourite part of the day, and all he spoke about on the car ride home! We then went to watch the ‘Meet and Greet’.  This was definitely my favorite part of the day! Matt was showing Popeye and all the tricks she can do. It’s so amazing to see staff that are happy doing their jobs, and clearly enjoying it. We then saw Archie at the Penguin feeding. He was so confident with his talk and you could tell he knew what he was talking about! We then stayed after for questions and again, he was so patient and lovely with my children! He then let us see a penguin close it, which was such a beautiful experience. He was so good at interacting with the audience and making sure everyone felt seen. Even answering the questions he made sure everyone was able to ask them, even if they felt uncomfortable to in front of other people, so a big WELL DONE!

Honestly, you’re all amazing at your jobs and I just wanted to say a big big thank you!!! It really is a place to make a lot of memories and having amazing staff makes it so much more enjoyable. I will definitely be recommending my friends and family to have a day trip here, and we will definitely visit again very soon!

Thank you so much!!
Cassie and family

Different birds who were very talkative!

Google Review January 2023

Even though it was a soggy day I had fun walking around seeing all the animals. My favourites being the red pandas who were very active and all the different birds who were all very talkative! Only took me a few hours to go round but I was on my own. Looks to accommodate families and children well.
From Hannah

Finest collection

Google Review November 2022

Probably the finest collection in the UK off Parrots and related species.
From Douglas

We stayed for 4 hours - could have stayed been longer

TripAdvisor Review August 2022

We had a mixed part of 8 with adults and children ranging from 4 to 11 and great fun was had by all. We visited the park and funbarn as well as going on the small train (a must for the 4 year old in our party!) . The kids loved looks for the answers to the Claude’s in the mini-keepers handout and loved the different type of birds and animals.

Extra special was watching the beautiful flock of macaws free flying over the park, a beautiful site!

We arrived at about 11am and stayed for 4 hours which was a good amount of time though we possibly could have stayed longer watching one of the shows and would not have been bored. Highly recommended.
From AquaDEE

Truly Amazing Red Panda Experience

Google review August 2022

We went there for the red panda experience, which was truly amazing : we were able to spend a long time with these lovely creatures, the staff answered all our questions with patience and pleasure and took great photos of our experience. The rest of the park is also wonderful : plenty of different birds, interesting information available, great educative shows, nice staff and lots of picnic tables around. Thank you for this fantastic day !!
From Marie

This place is a winner

TripAdvisor Review August 2022

The barn soft play coined with exotic animals, good displays and plenty to see and do.. this place is a winner.

Excellent bird display with great commentary.

Well laid out, and just the right size for drifting about and seeing lots of animals that have been given new homes (which all look well taken care of).

The barn is brilliant, an hour and a half of soft play is plenty, did the 10-11:30 session, perfect for 2 littlens that after could have their lunch before seeing the animals.

Easy to get to from St Ives area, 10 minutes.

Thoroughly enjoyable day.

From LivingTheDream2007

What a lovely wildlife park.

TripAdvisor Review 2022

What a lovely wildlife park. We booked our tickets online. It was free parking. The staff throughout the park where lovely and informative.
There are plenty of areas to sit and have picnics or the park does have a cafe. (With lovely cake) 😂
We spent a good five hours here. The weather was raining but it didn’t ruin our day.
We loved watching and listening about the penguins. You can go into an aviary and feed the birds. The bird of prey show was also great.
My daughter loved feeding the sheep and goats. You can buy the food for just 50p per bag.
It was overall a really great day and we recommend visiting.
From charrop4067

Their work in conservation of these species far outweighs the cost of entry to the park

Google Review August 2022

We were surprised with the vast number of birds. Noted that many had been bred at the park. Their work in conservation of these species far outweighs the cost of entry to the park. Park is very well laid out.
From Maureen August 2022

The customer service was excellent

TripAdvisor Review August 2022

Lots to do and see at Paradise Park. The penguin and eagle displays were interesting and kept the children entertained. The Jungle Barn soft play area was so good that our children asked if they could go again another day. You can purchase return tickets before you leave, we didn’t do this but returned with our receipt and the staff kindly accommodated us. The customer service was excellent with special thanks to Angie.
From mariemS2098YC

Superb day while on holiday

Google Review August 2022

Superb day while on holiday. Lovely day out. The birds and wildlife were superb. Do check out the eagles, owls, birds of prey and any feeding times too. The sparkly ceiling on the train ride was amazing for our toddler. Holly recommended x
From  Xandra

I had the best experience

Facebook Review August 2022

Everything. To me Paradise Park is an Amazingly Beautiful place. The people are helpful. The shows are Amazing and informative. All the animals were so beautiful. I had the best experience at Paradise Park and I can’t wait to go back next time I visit Cornwall.
From Christine

Best day they had

Google Review August 2022

We visited st ives for a week and before going I googled where the best places were to go. This was one of them and my partner and kids said this was by far the best day they had. It was fantastic and we literally spent ALL day there. So much to do and none of it was boring or repetitive. It’s all so planned perfectly. Even the birds are hungry compared to at other zoos so all the kids got a go and loads of birds on them feeding. Great day— thank you.
From HS

My mobility scooter

Google Review August 2022

I had a lovely pleasant afternoon looking at all the lovely birds and that I was able to round on my own on my mobility scooter and get around with no problem was even better and I look forward to visiting again soon.
From Marianne

What a lovely place

TripAdvisor July 2022

What a lovely place visited with 18 yr old daughter whilst staying 10 mins down Rd we all really enjoyed our day, ideally you need nice weather as bird shows don’t take place on bad weather days! We saw Macaws released at 10.30 what a sight 2 see they are allowed to fry freely around park til 3pm, then down to the penguins for 10.45 excellent keeper talk around 20 penguins in this group nice 2 see them being fed then 1 friendly penguin being put on wall which was happy to be stroked and pose for photos. Nicely kept grounds and beautiful gardens the birds of prey show was next such impressive birds knowledgeable keepers and great chance to see these birds up close! 1,45 was feeding the lorikeets where u buy small pots of necter this was 1 of our highlights! The free flying bird show was at 3 and was around half an hour def worth watching we spent around 5 hours here lots picnic benches around plus a cafe we loved the red pandas and nice to see red squirrells 2, you can buy sheep and goat feed for the farm too! Def worth a visit if in area, good value for all ages def recommend.

From Tracey


TripAdvisor Review June 2022

We’ve been to loads of these sorts of places and this has to be the best we’ve been to. Certainly it was the best day out we’ve ever had with our 3yo.

The place is just fantastic: loads of lovely birds of many different species, all clearly very well looked after. Scarlet macaws flying round making a racket. A lovely display area next to the cafe (which does very nice food at a really reasonable rate), a play area just next door and brilliant shows every 90 mins or so. Lorikeets you can feed and a penguin or two you can meet and have a cuddle with!

Every staff member we spoke to was lovely and really accommodating – in particular hats off to the train driver, who gave my wife and daughter a special ride just for them because they were a minute late and missed the scheduled ride! Also the lovely lady in the cafe who went out of her way to get the ice lolly I asked for.

We were there from opening to closing time and it just flew by. I’ve rarely been anywhere so well run, organised or full of obviously caring people. Fabulous!

From notmickey

So much to do will have to come back again

Google review June 2022

Beautiful large aviaries, the birds are well looked after with plenty of space to fly, waddle, perch, screech or quack. Fantastic variety of species, with the chance to hand feed Rainbow Lorikeets and pose with a penguin. Knowledgeable staff, happy to answer questions. Great on-site cafe for when you need a break. Colourful Macaw parrots free-fly around the park during the day and return to the cage for feeding time. Clean toilets. There are also farm animals, red pandas and red squirrels too but we didn’t get round to seeing them. So much to do will have to come back again.
From Kiara

Unexpected gem

Google Review July 2022

Unexpected gem of a conversation park. Very impressive red macaws fly over, lush tropical garden and many many rare endangered bird species.
From Maria

First Class! Parrot Spectacular.

TripAdvisor review June 2022

Continuing to show my Wife the joy of the natural world this was a big success. We both enjoyed our visit tremendously. Superbly laid out avian display park with an excellent cafe. Plus for the kiddies so readily bored in an instant a’fun barn’ is genius. All the staff friendly and approachable, a big thank you to Mr Penguin for showing us visitors Pedro the penguin chick. Vividly coloured Macaws flying free really spoilt us more used to dull sparrows ( sorry sparrows ). Feeding the Rainbow Lorikeets a big highlight for the Missus. Either enclosed or running free ( Flamingos ! ) the birds looked most content in their large aviaries. Truly a heaven on earth for parrot fans, definitely an attraction to visit multiple times. First Class !

The Red Panda Experience is simply amazing

TripAdvisor Review May 2022

This is a lovely place to visit, as you walk in it seems quite compact, but that is deceptive and you soon find yourself discovering hidden areas with more birds and animals, many of them rare (Red Squirrels anyone?) all of them fascinating in their own way.

But our trip was a special treat, a chance for me to be closer to my favourite animal that ever I thought might be possible. The ‘cuteness overload’ Red Pandas

No need to go into detail, just take it from me that the experience is all you could hope for and then mores so. Made perfect by the two Keepers, Donna who has probably forgotten more about Red Pandas than most zoo workers ever learn, and Emma, who is following in her footsteps towards becoming these animals greatest fans. They love the little ‘bears’

Seriously, don’t even think twice. Just do it.
From Rob P.

Cannot recommend this highly enough.

TripAdvisor Review May 2022

An excellent day out for all the family. The highlight of the day are the free flying macaws: released in the morning they fly freely around the park and local area, perching in the tops of trees or wherever they will, returning to their aviary mid afternoon. We were able to feed the lorikeets (watch out for the other end of the bird!), the sheep and goats, as well as watch various talks throughout the day. The food offering in the cafe was very varied and of good quality.

The park is involved with a number of breeding and reintroduction initiatives and is well deserving of support. An excellent day out.
From HarbotTraveller

Superb place for the youngsters

Google Review May 2022

Superb place for the youngsters, great selection of small animals and birds, with good interaction. The staff who looks after the animals and birds are amazing. Well done great day at reasonable prices (inc food in the restaurant).
From Danny

Love this hidden gem!

Google review May 2022

Not only did my toddler love the animals and playground (both outdoor and indoor!) but it was fascinating for me as well. A few dinosaurs dotted about as well as flamingos, penguins, red pandas, otters and a plethora of other birds! Love that some fly freely around the treetops and that the flamingos just wander around. Been twice now and I look forward to going back every time I’m in the area. Definitely recommend!
From Tasmin

Love this place, we all wished we lived nearer!

Trip Advisor Review November 2021

We come here on every visit to Cornwall and have been 4 times this year. The return pass is really good value. The whole family love this place. It’s so clean and tidy, the animals all look really well liked after and there is so much to do. The cafe is very good and reasonably priced. The penguin and lorikeet feeding is back and the kids love it. We can’t wait to come back in the spring.

From EastendBoy1

Absolutely outstanding...

Trip Advisor Review October 2021

Have lived in Hayle a few years now and first time with family visiting we did a trip to Paradise Park.
Absolutely outstanding….was amazed with the huge variety of birds and animals.
The gardens (even in October) are beautiful.

The kids loved it, feeding penguins and birds etc.

I thought it was expensive but really worth every penny.

Lunch in the cafe was great and the barn was spotless and a good focus from staff on CV19 controls.

Staff throughout the park were friendly and genuine.

From Mdr10Cornwall

Conservation of these wonderful animals

Google Review October 2021

What a fantastic experience! It’s just wonderful to see all the amazing hard work and efforts put into keeping rare and endangered species going. All the animals are kept in fantastic environments with lots of enrichment, so lovely to see. Thank you for doing so much for the conservation of these wonderful animals! We’ll be back again soon!
From Jen Jones

The JungleBarn itself is fantastic for kids of all ages (and adults!)

Google Review September 2021

Paradise Park is an amazing day out for the whole family. The jungle barn itself is fantastic for kids of all ages (and adults!). I went with my 1 year old and 10 year old nephews. The area for smaller children was very fun and both boys had a blast! The bird and animal attractions were awesome, you get right up and close with the animals. Feeding the goats was a particular favourite. There are so many shows throughout the day too where the kids get involved. The staff are clearly very knowledgeable and great communicators.
From Gary Pepperell

So many highlights

Google Review August 2021

A thoroughly great day out for the family, I would recommend this to anyone as a place to visit. So many highlights of the day, that I can’t pick a favourite.
From Andy Holding

Amazing day, will be back!

Google Review August 2021

We had a fantastic day out at Paradise Park. My children loved it especially the free flying macaw parrots. The gardens are beautifully kept and the whole park look we looked after and clean. That jungle barn was well organized and kept the kids busy for a while. Amazing day, will be back!
From Tom Hunt

We went with a wheelchair

Google review August 2021

They are a great place to visit as the work they are doing to conserve chough and parrots amongst many things needs support. They have the national collection of parrots. We went with a wheelchair and although hilly (it is cornwall!) was doable. There is a freeflying display and a penguin feeding time with a talk about the birds. There is good access and food is available. There is also a souvenir shop. All the staff we met were very nice and helpful. There are also some lovely bamboo and other plants to add to the paradise feel. All current covid restrictions were followed but still a good time was had by all.
From Ann Hughes

Totally exceeded our expectations.

Instagram Review August 2021

What a gem Paradise Park in Hayle is! Totally exceeded our expectations.
So many animals to see and the staff were all experts and so passionate about the welfare and rehabilitation of the creatures back into their natural environments.
We watched penguins being fed, bird displays, fed goats and sheep, saw red pandas, loads of birds and owls, otters, even a few dinosaurs. We couldn’t get tickets for soft play (all sold out) or the mini train but honestly it didn’t stop the fun one bit as there was so much else to do.
Totally recommend, although it’s not cheap it’s a full day out that’s educational too.
East London Diary

Thank you for being careful

Instagram Review August 2021

I went recently and was a bit worried as to how it would be in August but it was really great, I felt safe and we all had a lovely time. Thank you for being careful, it’s so weird having to interact with people who have all got their own way of dealing (or not dealing) with this situation, so I felt really reassured by your messaging on what the expectation is re masks etc. Thank you for making one of my very few outings in a long time such a pleasure.
Amanda R

Real nice experience for all ages

Google Review August 2021

Real nice experience for all ages. Plenty to see and do in the park, the free flying parrots are an amazing experienceand photo opportunity. Nice and relaxed atmosphere. By my experience(I previously worked in a owl and birds of prey centre) the animals where well cared for and content. The staff friendly and helpful. I honestly can’t find any bad points in this place. We’ll done guys keep up the awesome work.
From Gary

What a fantastic place this is

Facebook Review August 2021

What a fantastic place this is, we are so lucky to of found this on our first ever visit to Cornwall and it was perfect, the displays are so natural and the birds and clearly happy and adored. The macaws are magnificent. The whole set up is great. We usually spend a maximum of 4 hours in somewhere like this but we where there all day. We can’t wait to come back next year and go again.
From Emma Walker

Unbelievably excited to return

Facebook review August 2021

I used to come here as a child on holiday with my parents.
This week I had a surprise week away with my partner and I was unbelievably excited to return.
Still a fantastic park with lots to see and learn, all the staff are friendly and helpful. The beautiful birds are looked after to such a high standard as always.
Fabulous day out for all the family! I have already arranged to bring my children back in a couple of weeks.
From Charly Scott

Free flying macaws were endlessly entertaining

Google Review July 2021

My favourite attraction to go to in Cornwall. Took my partner for the first time this year and he was hesitant as worried it was more for kids but he loved it. Took us about 2 hours to wander round and it was a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere in a beautiful spot by the hale estuary. The free flying macaws were endlessly entertaining and there were so many animals to look at and learn about its impossible to get bored here. Plus they always look happy and relaxed unlike a lot of animal sanctuaries. They’ve done really well with covid restrictions, clearly outlining the correct one way system and with staggered entry times and sanitising stations every few metres.

The park is much larger than expected

Google Review July 2021

A great place for all the family. There is a good selection of birds here from all over the world. The information given about the birds is very concise, so as to educate without getting too much. The aviaries are spacious and well maintained. The park is much larger than expected and adults can quite easily spend a couple hours here. With the additional benefits of well equipped and maintained play areas families will very happily enjoy a full day here.
From Paul Morris

So easily managed if your disabled

Facebook comment July 2021

We were there this morning
Fantastic park
so easily managed if your disabled. I’m not good on my feet, but found it fairly easy
Stunning to see the free flying macaws will definitely be back.
From Jackie Timson

We felt very safe , staff were very organised and helpful

Facebook comment July 2021

Visited yesterday . We had a lovely family day out. All safety measures are all place throughout the park , jungle barn and train ride and other indoor areas . We felt very safe , staff were very organised and helpful . Birds and animals out in full force and colour . So happy to have visitors again . Thank you Paradise park and we will see you again  soon Visited yesterday . We had a lovely family day out. All safety measures are all place throughout the park , jungle barn and train ride and other indoor areas . We felt very safe , staff were very organised and helpful . Birds and animals out in full force and colour . So happy to have visitors again . Thank you Paradise park and we will see you again soon.
From Sereena Ralph

Loved our day here so much that we came back again the same week!

TripAdvisor Review June 2021

Amazing park!!.. we loved our day here so much that we came back again the same week! Great for families as there’s loads to do. Our little boy absolutely adored the jungle barn which was mega clean and the time slots made sure it wasnt busy which was great. Followed by a dinosaur trail and feeding the animals, and after lunch a ride on the train! He literally had the best day and so did we. Its very well run and absolutely immaculate with flowers, well kept lawns and all the animals and birds are very well looked after. This place is a credit to the friendly staff and we’ve recommended it to our friends with kids. Thanks for 2 brilliant fun packed days of wearing out active toddler out!
From ellaya2014

The park far outweighed my expectations.

Facebook review June 2021

Everything! Had a fabulous day here. The park far outweighed my expectations. As well as beautiful gardens with lots of lovely picnic areas, a gift shop, a cafe, a pub, a little train to ride through the grounds and an indoor soft play area. All this and most beautiful birds plus donkeys, sheep, goats, otters. Something for everyone from Grandparents to toddlers. Could spend a whole day there, especially when it’s sunny. The staff were friendly and informative. Thank you all for a wonderful day, have already booked my return ticket. Wonderful place.
From Denise Pearce

Cannot recommend highly enough for a lovely day out.

Tripadvisor Review June 2021

Absolutely loved our visit last week. Beautiful gardens, all immaculately kept. Birds are fabulous and the free flying Macaws provided such good entertainment. We loved the otters who are absolutely gorgeous as are the penguins and sheep. Something for everyone of all ages. Cannot recommend highly enough for a lovely day out. It all felt very safe. Loads of sanitising stations, social distancing rules observed and a lovely cup of coffee in the cafe. We did not eat but the food available all looked lovely and fresh. The shop has some great gifts too. Found a perfect birthday present for a friend who is very difficult to buy for. If you are in the area please visit as you will not be disappointed.
From M2764OFjuliem

I've never seen such an amazing variety of birds

Tripadvisor review May 2021

As a 69 yr old & a 73 yr old – both with mobility issues at the moment – we had a fabulous day at Paradise Park on Thurs 13th May, & we were able to access the whole park very easily. Thankfully the weather was great, which definitely helps, but the park itself was wonderful. I’ve never seen such an amazing variety of birds & the sheer quantity of them too. The Mackaws were great – being extremely exuberant & vocal when seeing their keepers coming to ultimately release them from their cage for a few hours. It was fantastic watching them being let out of their cage & flying freely around the park – then, later in the day, returning to their cage at the ring of a bell!! The Flamngos’ were wandering freely around the walled garden & arguing amongst themselves, which was very entertaining! However, for my friend, the Penquins were the highlight of the day. We spent a long time just watching them playing in the water, & waddling around, & then being fed by a lovely member of staff who was very caring towards them, & who happily, & interestingly, answered all of our many questions. The gardens too are beautifully maintained & truly delightful, adding to the whole experience. All in all we had a wonderful day out, & would highly recommend a trip here to anyone of any age.
From Daphnie

Felt really safe

Facebook Review April 2021

We had an amazing day the park is well set out and we felt really safe walking around and the birds and animals are amazing loved the whole place and staff were lovely to x
From Jane E

Best Day Ever!

Facebook Review April 2021

Had the best day ever there today. Everything and everyone very chill much space and time to enjoy everything.
From Emma B

Credit to Cornwall Tourism and Wildlife preservation

Google review October 2020

Great park and facilities, the team do an amazing job and are genuinely passionate about the welfare of the animals. Credit to Cornwall Tourism and Wildlife preservation.
From Grant C

I would thoroughly recommend this charming and well-run attraction to anyone of any age

Tripadvisor Review September 2020

I first visited Paradise Park as a child. I loved it then and I love it now.
Not to be confused with its much bigger namesake in Hertfordshire, Paradise Park is a fairly small zoo that is more of a bird garden with a few other animals thrown in as a bonus. However, anything it lacks in the way of acreage or diversity of species it more than makes up for in charm, imagination, setting and the beautiful condition of its enclosures and gardens.
The park is set on the picturesque and ornithologically important Hayle estuary and has a corresponding, natualistic feel. The lawns, trees, shrubberies and flower beds are very attractive and play a vital role in the overall experience, taking advantage, like so many gardens in the area, of the mild climate to create a lush, sub-tropical feel. The enclosures are well kept and clean with imaginative layouts. Some of the aviaries are large and contain multiple species, so that it is possible to spend some time spotting birds amongst the undergrowth and branches.
Amongst the few mammals on display are some very endearing species including harvest mice, short-clawed otters and red squirrels. There is also a farm yard area with donkeys, rabbits and the like. Bags of grain with which to hand-feed the goats and sheep are free at the entrance.
Although Paradise Park has limited examples of mammals and reptiles, the number of bird species on display is huge, considering the intimate dimensions of the grounds. The birds are, without exception, healthy-looking and, as contented animals tend to be, they are active and vocal. Quite a number of different species of parrot can be seen flying freely around the grounds and flamingos glide across the lawns.
In more normal times , unaffected by viruses, a superb tropical house is available, as is the feeding of certain birds and regular bird flying displays.
Paradise park has friendly, efficient staff. The gift shop has some very nice items for sale and, best of all, there is an on-site family pub called The Bird in Hand, where good local beer and tasty lunches are available. Covid measures are carefully observed.
I would thoroughly recommend this charming and well-run attraction to anyone of any age.
From Paul R

Highly recommend attraction for all the family

Google review August 2020

Despite the reduced options in the park due to the corvid 19 regulations i still give it a 9.5 out of 10. We have visited paradise park firstly with our own children and now our grandchildren for years and will continue to do so whenever we visit Cornwall. I look forward to the pandemic ending so it can be enjoyed in its full glory. Highly recommend attraction for all the family.
From Andy

5 out of 5

Google Review August 2020

Absolutely amazing place to visit in Hayle! 5/5 me and my sister didn’t realise how big it was. The facilities fantastic clean and the system was great .. i will definitely recommend it for family with children and friends.
From Leah Witton

Doesn't feel overcrowded

Google review August 2020

Had a great time looking at the awesome birds. They are doing a good job with a one way system and bookings so it doesn’t feel overcrowded. They ran a version of the free flying bird show which was great.
From Patrick Buck

Can't recommend highly enough

Google review July 2020

What an amazing place. We have been at least 5 times in the last 6 years and every time has been fantastic. The range of birds and plants is vast and their habitats are very well made and suited to the birds. All of the staff is very helpful and there to help with answering questions and showing these awesome avian specimens. Can’t recommend highly enough.
From Edd Scott

We felt very safe

Facebook July 2020

We came on Tuesday with our 2 year old grandson and family who were visiting us here in Cornwall. We felt very safe and of all the places we visited last week yours was the most well organised. A clear route, a sensible number of people, enough sanitising stations (even though we brought our own) and lovely helpful and friendly staff. Thank you!
From Judith Walker

You guys have done an amazing job

Facebook July 2020

Just visited today using the booking system and have to say you guys have done an amazing job all the signs and hand gel and staggered entry to the park made us feel safe …
Thankyou so much for a lovely day from Emily and family xx

Perfect day out

TripAdvisor July 2020

What a magical place, we went to this attraction to help support a local animal park after lockdown, it’s was one of the nicest places I have been to, the animals all seemed happy and wow the birds are amazing.
From Sophiecharity

Loved watching the free flying birds

Facebook July 2020

We had a lovely day with you today revisiting all of the gorgeous parrots and were lucky enough to see some active red pandas ? You’ve done a brilliant job with the one way system and sanitisation stations. Loved watching the free flying birds around the park too. Well done everyone at Paradise Park.
From Sarah and Chris.

We can't wait to come back.

Facebook July 2020

We had a lovely day, my daughter loves the birds. The staff have done a great job getting the park ready for social distancing. Great one way system, lots of hand sanitizer points and picnic spots. Cafe serves lovely food and toilets are super clean. Absolutely fantastic during a difficult time for everyone. We can’t wait to come back. Well done Paradise Park.
From Juliette Benney

Wonderful staff helpful with questions

Google Review March 2020

Day out on organised trip weather was horrendous but was saved by the wide variety of birds and animals the wife fell in love with the red pandas and the otters were as usual very entertaining all the birds in there bright plumage brightened up the day .. and not forgetting the wonderful staff helpful with questions and the cafe for coffee and a scone for a warm up after a walk round do not hesitate visit as soon as possible for a great experience.
From Garry Fryer

We will definitely be returning

TripAdvisor Review Jan 2020

We visited with our 18 month old and spent most of a day here.
We were very Impressed with the park.
The staff were all very friendly and happy to talk with us about their work, which ( based on the people we spoke to) they clearly enjoyed doing.
The interpretation boards were all well done, the enclosures all clean and well maintained, and the birds and other animals seem well cared for.
There seems to be a programme of continued development of the enclosures one area we saw had clearly just been finished.m, which is good.
It was good also to read about the various conservation works the park is doing, both in the UK and with other charities around the world.
Our daughter enjoyed the penguin feeding, as well as many of the other birds, and had a huge amount of fun in the soft play area.
We will definitely be returning, as and when we are back in Cornwall.
From TyeCottage

Santa's Grotto - "transported back in time to my childhood"

Google review Dec 2019

Went to see Santa on Christmas Eve with family. What a fabulous treat for children. He was such a good choice as Santa, that I was transported back in time to my childhood.
From Claire Wilkins

It was such a great experience

Google review Dec 2019

I visited for the red panda experience day… and it was such a great experience… thanx to Sarah-Jane and Izzy for all the great information and help making my day great you are stars. Absolutely love it and would highly recommend it .
From Adrian Harper

My 101 year old mum enjoyed seeing the animals

Google review Oct 2019

My 101 year old mum enjoyed seeing the animals so much and the kids loved the soft play. It was amazing! Nice cafe too with healthy lunch options for the kids.
From Richard Greenhouse

Totally recommend to everyone of all ages.

Facebook review Sep 2019

This is an amazing place. The sanctuary is clean and colourful. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The conservation work they do is 2nd to non. Always a fun day had here. Totally recommend to everyone of all ages.
From Vicki Cleaver

I was so surprised!

Google Review Oct 2019

Really fantastic place! I was so surprised, I’ve never really been a bird person but this place changed my mind. The bird show was awesome and the aviary where you could feed the birds nectar was great. Whole family thoroughly enjoyed it! Much bigger than it looks from the car park and great that there’s an indoor play area for rain spells!
From Carmela Chambers

Great for children with additional needs

Google Review Oct 2019

Great for children with additional needs, very friendly helpful staff in the reception and cafe!
From Emma Workman

We visit every year

Google Review Oct 2019

Love this place! We visit every year when we’re in Cornwall for holidays. It’s a lovely relaxing place to walk around – such beautiful birds. So much for the children to do – the farm is particularly popular especially when they get to feed the animals. The dinosaur trail is also a great addition- excellent photo opportunity’s. Penguin feeding is also great fun! Even on a rainy day, the jungle barn alone is worth the price, suitable for all ages. Excellent gift shop that is reasonably priced. My personal favourite has to be the art gallery through the entrance. Lots to see, lots to do, excellent value for money, very educational and informative.
From Hayley Webster

Don't be like me!

Google Review Oct 2019

I had put off going here for years, don’t be like me, it’s amazing!
From Timothy Liddicoat

Penguin feeding a highlight

TripAdvisor Review Sep 2019

We got here at opening time and left at about 530, what a great day out. Our two year old was able to feed the penguins which was so lovely to watch and he got to meet Peaches for a photo afterwards. We took a little break in the jungle barn while it was raining which was really handy and the kids loved it. We tried the train ride but unfortunately it started raining again and wasn’t able to run. We had bought our own picnic with us and there is a large picnic area outside and also an area inside you can use which was especially handy due to the weather. We walked around and managed to see everything while the children napped in the pushchair so the rain didn’t bother us and once they woke we returned to the jungle barn. Due to the weather some of the activities/shows were called off but we couldn’t fault anything, all the staff we encountered were lovely everything was clean and tidy. Would definitely recommend a visit.
From SD032015

First went here when I was 6. I'm now 42!

Google Review Sep 2019

Amazing!!!! First went here when I was 6. I’m now 42! and took my 2 year old and he was wowed!! Very well managed and well worth a visit. We will be going back next year.
From Rick Comer

Adult participation is encouraged!

Google Review Sep 2019

Incredibly well arranged park with something for all weather conditions; getting you up close (and very personal) with some really gorgeous animals in enclosures that are obviously made with care and affection, ensuring the animals are well treated first, and available for viewing as a byproduct. Whether rain or shine, the park flourishes and many spaces are sheltered against all but the worst of weather. I’ve never had such a good view of Red Pandas (seriously, until now the best I’ve caught is a fluffy red ball in a tree at other parks) and the eagle show was very impressive. Even better, you’re supporting species that are critically endangered and need the support and awareness such parks provide. Finally, while little people will obviously enjoy getting close to such a colourful variety of animals, the indoor play zone is a guaranteed hit. Bring socks, or buy them there, because adult participation is encouraged! Really impressed, and highly recommend!
By Matt Hyne

This place is just fantastic

Google Review Sep 2019

This place is just fantastic. Loads of things to see, little train rides, birds bird displays secret little places to find laurakeets to feed and so much more you also get a discount if you go back which with kids is fantastic.
From Peter Staples

Spent all day there!

Google Review Sep 2019

What an amazing place to come across. We followed the programme and spent all day there. The talks and the shows was well planned, good value for money.
From Leight Taylor

Literally my favourite place on earth

Google Review Aug 2019

Literally my favourite place on earth, I’ve been coming here annually for over ten years and I don’t see that changing any time soon. All the birds are amazing and the staff are so friendly and helpful, the enthusiasm they show in the bird displays every day is clearly genuine and their contribution to the conservation of endangered species is incredible. I cannot recommend this place enough for anyone who loves animals, if I lived nearby I would apply for a job myself. Keep up the good work, you wonderful people!
From Charlie Tokins

In one of the top 5 I have ever been too

Google Review Aug 2019

Really fantastic place took a 13 and 17 year old and was expecting for just an hour and walking away because they was bored but even me and the wife was well Impressed with this place and the ways that they involve everyone to get as close as possible with the animals. petting penguins, handling parrots and feeding birds is just a few things. really well done with what you have here its great I’ve been to many zoos and animal places but I feel this is in one of the top 5 I have ever been too.
From Stephen Strange


Red panda experience and it was absolutely awesome

TripAdvisor Review Aug 2019

My husband and I visited for the Red Panda Experience which we were given as a wedding present. The zoo is small compared to others but what really sets it apart is the staff who are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. They’ve got an amazing collection of birds and the little farm with the pygmy goats and miniature donkey is fab particularly for younger kids. The main focus of our visit was the red panda experience and it was absolutely awesome. The 2 keepers were really knowledgeable and able to answer all our random questions and you could absolutely tell that the focus was on treating the animals with care and respect. Scarlet the red Panda was super friendly and amazingly gentle when being fed, she seemed very relaxed and had plenty of space to go do her own thing if she’d had enough of us. We also got the opportunity to meet a hand reared young penguin who was absolutely adorable.
Thank you so much for an amazing afternoon!
From Pralinehalow on Trip Advisor

Free bird flying show was incredibly enjoyable

Facebook review August 2019

Brilliant place for the family to spend the day together. The enclosures and animals are all so beautiful and amazing you get a real sense about how important conservative is and the effort these places go to in order to achieve this. All of the bird shows and feeding shows are extremely good and I would highly recommend it to anybody ever in Cornwall. The Free bird flying show in particular was incredibly enjoyable.
From Brad Farley

We got a return ticket we loved it so much

Facebook review August 2019

This place is fantastic! It seems small and humble at first glance but it’s got so much to do. The Bird show is a MUST as is the penguin feeding. The playbarn has a 3 drop slides so even older kids will be entertained. The staff are just lovely. We got a return ticketwe loved it so much. I can highly recommend it.
From Catherine Fitch

I absolutely loved this place!!

TripAdvisor Review July 2019

I absolutely loved this place!! To be able to go and hand feed the lorikeets was just amazing! I love these birds so had been looking forward to this part of the park the most. I would also like to give credit to the man who was organising this activity, as it was very very busy, yet he was extremely friendly, patient and knowledgeable, helping people to get the best from their personal experience.
The rest of the park was amazing too, very well laid out, all the animals looked well cared for. It was great to see the flamingos with eggs waiting to hatch (not a sight you come across often!). Lots of talks and activities. All the staff we saw were happy and friendly.
The Cafe is also worth a mention – great food, big portions and at very good prices.

Would love to return next time im in Cornwall.
From Tourist_Jane123

Absolutely brilliant

TripAdvisor Review July 2019

I don’t usually feel the need to write reviews but I took my 2 year old twins to the park today and they LOVED it. We only live in Truro but this was my first visit so I didn’t know what to expect. I started the day looking for a day out for them… train ride, animals, play park? And thought I’d give PP a go as it’s got it all. You get up close with the birds and animals, there are lots of ‘hands on’ activities and best of all with twins to watch, the play area is enclosed and safe. We were there all day and didn’t even get as far as the indoor play area or the shows. Oh well, a perfectly good excuse to bring the boys back in a week or two. A fantastic day and I have two very worn out little boys. Far exceeded expectations. A big thumbs up!
From 7221markj

100% recommend

TripAdvisor Review July 2019

We visited the park yesterday for the first time and wasn’t disappointed. From the moment we arrived we had a very pleasant experience. The staff are all helpful and the site itself is very clean. You can see how much they care about all the animals and it’s lovely to see the enclosures are all very spacious which you don’t see often when visiting zoos etc. My 5 year old daughter loved getting to cuddle a penguin as did I. The eagles of paradise display was absolutely amazing and we enjoyed learning about each species. We will definitely be returning in the future and 100% recommend to anyone looking for a lovely day out whether it be as a family, couple or group visit.
From 249gemmap

If I could give 10 stars rather than just 5 I would

TripAdvisor Review July 2019

If I could give 10 stars rather than just 5 I would , what a fantastic place to visit, it’s clear everywhere the welfare of the animals is the first priority quite rightly so as well , we enjoyed everything about the day , enjoying every aspect , we watched the penguin feeding , both the flying displays and the young one enjoyed the indoor soft play , you may feel it’s expensive but once there I feel it’s very good value , keep your eyes peeled for discount offers , hats off to all the workers they truly do enjoy their jobs clearly and care for the birds in their care well done to each and every one , our visit will live long in the memory along with the fact that there is clearly on going investment in the site and conservation taking place.
From albionnick

Absolutely great day out for young and old alike

Facebook review July 2019

Absolutely great day out for young and old alike. We were a party ranging in age from 10 months to 62 years and we all really loved it. Highlights were the birds of prey display, parrots display and penguin feeding. A full day out and lots of fun!
From Julie Williamson

Spent about 6 hours here

Facebook review June 2019

Fabulous day out. Lots to see and do. spent about 6 hours here and was thoroughly enjoyable. The live displays throughout the day were 1st class! Beautiful setting and staff extremely friendly.
From Steven Lovett

The pandas were, of course, incredible!

Email received 19th May 2019

We had our Red Panda Experience yesterday, and I just wanted to let you (and the team!) know how wonderful it was. Rachael and Danny really looked after us, and were so friendly and knowledgeable. The pandas were, of course, incredible!
Thank you again!
Best wishes,
Imogen and Steve

Extremely enjoyable day

Google Review June 2019

Amazing zoo and bird park, friendly staff, great cause, an extremely enjoyable day out. I was able to pet a penguin which was unique and incredible, being my favourite animal by far and having gone to see many other penguins but never been so close and able to pet one. The experience was amazing and the animals all seemed free and happy. The park was not too crowded although there were many people there and the animals were very interesting and fun. The birds were also a highlight and the pandas, both being very interesting and cute and the bird display being incredible. Honest charity and a very worthwhile day trip.
From Hole-e molee

We love it here! Highly Recommend a visit!

TripAdvisor May 2019

This was our second time visiting Paradise Park. Our girls are 6 & 3 years. First thing we did when we arrived was go to watch the penguins being fed. Such a lovely close encounter and the penguins love human contact!!! My 6 year old was lucky enough to be chosen out the crowd to feed the penguins! She was so excited! It made her day! So Thank you. Also penguins are brought round for you to meet, say hello & stroke! Which we all loved!!! The birds are just stunning and all well looked after. There’s also a farm area which you can buy food to feed them. The Birds of prey show is simply stunning! We enjoyed every minute! Where else can you watch such a fantastic show with such a beautiful view!!!!! Also the man who presented the show was fabulous and very informative! Nice to see Archie the eagle going strong! Even have my favourite red pandas!!!! So adorable! ❤ We also did the mini train ride. I think it was £1 Or £2 a ticket. Goes around the track twice. I’d say you’re on it for approx 5mins. The girls loved it but for kids any older than 8ish I think they’d find it boring. We watched the free flying Parrott, bird display! This was also amazing! Just shows how happy the birds are! Could sit all day Monday traveling watching the parrots flying back and forth! Again the girl who presented the show was great! We watched the Otters being fed which I found very interesting! Danni was fab! So informative and no question was too much for her! You can clearly see she enjoys her job! Which is always nice to see. She was also fab at the penguin feeding! She was the staff member who stood out the most! She’s a credit to the park!! Great soft play area! With really big slides older kids would love. My girls weren’t brave enough for them! We didn’t eat at the park so can’t comment on the food as we always take a picnic. All in all a very enjoyable day out! A fabulous day out in Cornwall and a must see!! We got a voucher online which took a couple £1 of each ticket. Cost just under £50 for 2 adults, 2 children. We didn’t get bored once and spent from 11am till 5pm there! Will 100% return in the future! Looking forward to seeing the Otter babies / families you have planned!
From Emma on TripAdvisor

Red Panda Experience the best in the country

TripAdvisor May 2019

Husband booked this for my big 3.0. I love Red Pandas and this is my third experience in the UK. This hands down beats Paradise Park in Herfordshire and Chester Zoo by miles. The keepers had no problem letting us stay in the enclosure as long as we wanted, were informative and cheery, took LOADS of pictures for us and overall were superb. The actual experience is brilliant, as these particular Pandas will not be released into the wild, they are trained to be incredibly friendly to assist with transportation for their breeding programme (currently they are high on the endangered list) and for vet visits. This means they don’t mind being stroked and they will happily sit on you to eat, as well as cutely holding your hand!!! I was in my element, almost died of cute overload. Entrance to the park is free with the experience, which makes the park well worth it as it is a tad small, but there are beautiful birds, penguins and otters as well as farm animals and shows so a family day out is decent if you’re on holiday. The jungle barn soft play looked good for kids too. They have an undercover picnic area which means rainy days aren’t a problem and the cafe prices are reasonable. Would do the experience again!!!
Reviewed by Wigguru

I had the opportunity to pet a penguin named Peaches

Google April 2019

Had a fantastic day here! Visiting as part of a group of five students (all with the minds of children), we all had a wonderful day. Plenty of birds in spacious enclosures, red pandas and a petting zoo (with goats!!!) there is plenty to do. Personally my favourite part was penguin feeding (I had the opportunity to pet a penguin named Peaches). I’d also recommend the free flying birds show and the Bird in Hand pub. A wonderful day out so long as you like animals (and even if you don’t, you will after a day here).
From Jonathan Staten

Its a place for everyone!

Google April 2019

I loved it! So colourful and so amazing! Its a place for everyone!
Google Review by AnimatorCreator

Our best day in Cornwall this holiday

Google April 2019

Great place for toddlers and families. Loads to do and cafe isn’t bad either. Gold star for disabled facilities. Our best day in Cornwall this holiday.
From Victoria Graves on Google

Quite possibly the best attraction in Cornwall!

Google March 2019

Quite possibly the best attraction in Cornwall! Value for money with lots to do for young and old! Even if busy there’s no waiting about…my favourite place is visiting the penguins…my daughters favourite is the Jungle Barn…buy the return ticket on your way out and it saves you even more money!! The train is good fun too, you pay £1 per person, watch out for the raptor in the tunnel!!
From Darren Cooper

The birds and animals are stunning.

Google Review January 2019

Paradise park is absolutely amazing. The birds and animals are stunning. We’ve visited many times and the staff are fantastic. Amazing place and the jungle barn is brilliant to.

From Gill Madden

A very educational interactive experience

Google November 2018

‘Review from a visit during the summer’
I especially loved Max and Collie both of them talk! The most exciting thing is seeing extremely Rare Breeds and the conservation work that the park does. The reintroduction of red squirrels is one of the biggest successes of Paradise Park along with other species namely Birds they are very successful in breeding because the animals are well kept. When you have species so endangered there are less than 200 left releasing even one back into the Wild is a huge contribution. There is so much to see here and it’s not just Birds. A very educational interactive experience. I even saw a gentleman meeting the red pandas which they had paid for as an experience. It was beautiful to see the pandas literally eating out of his hand. You can get the birds eating out of your hand for as little as £1 and you can also feed sheep and goats. For animal lovers of all ages including my 54 year-old self it’s a great place to visit. I might also add that I use a mobility scooter and find the park very accessible. If you need a carer then they also do a carers pass.
From Paul Pengelly

So impressed

TripAdvisor October 2018

So impressed with our day out at Paradise Park. All talks and shows were very informative and included great close ups of the birds. The free flying Macaws were wonderful plus the Red Pandas were so active. Visited with a 14 month old and it was perfect for him. Would definitely return if visiting this part of the country again.
From Kat

Money well spent!

TripAdvisor October 2018

Money well spent! A day of pleasure despite the weather. The variety of birds-magnificent! Other animals – unique, even in the kids petting section! They all looked happy and well cared for, and so were fear free and friendly! All the staff were lovely and the gift store very thoughtfully stocked, Definitely worth a visit for fun and feel good support for birds. We would recommend this park for parents who want their kids to learn about love and the world around them!
From Minimuso

Visiting regularly since 1975.

TripAdvisor October 2018

We’ve been visiting Paradise Park regularly since 1975. Always something new to see and, aside from the birds and animals, the gardens are wonderful too, especially if you like bamboo. Fortunately the red pandas eat bamboo and are more active than the first time we saw them. We think we saw four moving about in the trees but they do move about a bit. There’s something for everyone.
From Michael

Toddler area which I was really impressed with

TripAdvisor October 2018

All the years we have been to Hayle, this year was the first time we decided to visit Paradise Park. We have an 18 month old and it was perfect for him to be in the pram/out the pram, run around and get tired out! Lots of animals, so many birds etc to see. We saw the penguins being fed, theres a parrot show, little train ride, soft play, outdoor playground, We had our own picnic so sat in the large outdoor seating are to eat at lunch time. Went into the cafe for a coffee and bottle of coke though, and it looked as though they had a really good menu! Loads of choice. The indoor play area looked really good, busy as we expected it to be but our 18 month old stayed in the toddler area which I was really impressed with! Really ideal for older kids the huge slides looked fun. We were there from around 10am until 3pm. Definitely look around for vouchers/offers as there is plenty about online or in leaflets.
From Rachel

Bird fly onto his hand

TripAdvisor October 2018

Went to the park whilst on holiday in cornwall. Amazing day out and fun for all ages, my son is only three and he got to see lots of different animals/birds, stroke a penguin and have a bird fly onto his hand. Would recommend this place highly
From Mel T

Best day out we have had

Facebook September 2018

Amazing place. Staff are so knowledgeable. Get to see the birds up close and the free flying was amazing. Can’t wait for the tropical area to open.
Best day out we have had. 10/10
From Ema Boleyne

Made her dream come true...

Facebook September 2018

Everything well worth the money my partner loves penguins and made her dream come true stroking one an feeding them…I thoroughly enjoyed the show on the birds parrots owls etc great day out.
From Michael Barber

We buy return tickets every time!

Google Review September 2018

My kids love it here, the free flying bird shows are great and they love feeding the Penguins & Lorikeets!! Outside play areas, places to have a picnic, cafe’s. You can go on a little train ride & there’s a big indoor jungle barn, where the kids can run wild & the parents can have a coffee…. Plus the staff are doing great work with these birds, training, charities, protection and their talks are very educational!! We buy return tickets every time!
From Michelle Morrish

Honestly couldn’t rate it higher!

TripAdvisor September 2018

We went back twice to this incredible bird sanctuary. It really was paradise. The bird collection is second to none, but the interactive sections were phenomenal for the kids. Being able to be inside the bird enclosure and have the birds come down and land on my daughters hands was priceless. Having the birds fly overhead in the flying display was a fantastic way to educate the kids. Not even mentioning the wonderful play barn where they could blow off some steam. The little train ride was lovely. Honestly couldn’t rate it higher!! The team are doing a fantastic job there. Absolutely loved it!
From Daniela O

We spent about 6hrs here...

TripAdvisor August 2018

If you love birds then this is the place for you. The place is stacked with them. Im not a huge bird fan but still found it good to take the kids There is a fantastic play area that was suitable for our 3 kids (4yr, 6yr & 12yr) we let them burn off their energy in there for an hour before taking them to see the enclosures. The bird feeding was very good and the kids loved having them on their arm. There is a little dinosaur trail on at the minute which the kids enjoyed completing to recieve a gift. Great picnic area with plenty of benches. We spent about 6hrs here, well recommended.

Fantastic and educational day out

TripAdvisor August 2018

What an absolutely amazing day we’ve had yet again. You never fail to bring us a fantastic and educational day out. We’ve visited the park for the last 7yrs on and off and a trip to Cornwall wouldn’t be complete without it. Kirsty is so knowledgable and all the staff very approachable. We hadn’t visited for a couple of years so asked Kirsty about some of the birds that we knew of and had adopted at one time or another and she told me exactly what had happened to each of them. The staff clearly love the animals and take great care of them. We loved the Lorikeets feeding time. My 5yr old was thrilled to bits to have a bird land on her for some nectar and so was my 11yr old son who has challenging behaviour. His demeanour just changed when surrounded by the birds. Ok so the price can seem a little steep on the face of it but there’s always vouchers to be found in the Cornwall visitors guides and it’s clear to see where the money goes. A massive thumbs up from this family of 6 and we look forward to our next visit.
From Daisy

Truly a very special place

Google+ August 2018

Now then. This truly is a very special place. A whole day spent here is very rewarding. We particularly loved the flying display, penquin and otter feeding. A thoroughly educational and entertaining day.
From Barry Bullen

If you love birds, like us, you will love it here!

TripAdvisor August 2018

We found the place easily with the postcode provided, lots of parking spaces available. Look out in local leaflets for discount coupons! The shows were fabulous, especially the bird flying (we’ve never seen a kookaburra in action!). The soft play was unusually clean (as far as our local ones go!) and the staff were constantly cleaning which I loved! Our daughter had lots of fun in there and on the small outdoor park. We are massive bird lovers, in this park we were totally in our element. Theres a really peaceful/tranquil vibe about the place and we came away with big smiles on our faces! We had a small bite in the cafe too which was enjoyable.

Amazing Experience

TripAdvisor July 2018

Thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. The displays were excellent and very informative. We watched the eagle display, free flying bird show and penguin feeding. I loved how they get other people involved with the penguin feeding. The gardens were lovely and it was great to have sign posts with recommended routes as it meant you didn’t miss anything. The play barn was great. Kept clean and tidy and the cafe inside was reasonably priced. Definitely well worth the money and hope to come back on my next visit to Cornwall. It’s the perfect day trip for the whole family.
Emily D.

Really informative talks

Google+ July 2018

What a fabulous place; really informative talks about the animals, beautiful gardens and friendly staff. Worth every penny; the children (8 and 5) absolutely loved it. Recommend the Bird In Hand pub just across the road as well, decent food and drinks at a very good price.
Lauren Jones

This has something for everyone!

Google+ review July 2018

This has something for everyone ! There are beautiful birds of all types on display, some with an active breeding program, free flying display with excellent advice on bird care. Feeding times for Penguins, Otters and Australian nectar feeding birds, you could be involved in this if you want. Birds of Prey flights and Park quizzes for the kids to complete. Excellent cafe areas, shop and Kids indoor Play Area. train rides during the summer months. We go throughout the year and there is always something new to see and do. Wonderful place for kids and Adults alike.
Janet Godridge

We had a fabulous time here!

Hendra Holidays Review June 2018

Many thanks to the staff of Hendra Holidays in Newquay who visited recently and did a review of their visit on their website – read more here

“We had a fabulous time here, and there was so much to see and do – we didn’t have time to do it all. It is excellent value for money and everyone had a super day – thank you Paradise Park!”

One of our all time favourites

Google+ Review June 2018

Very highly recommended. We have visited many zoos and definitely now one of our all time favourites. Service, food and animal feedings all excellent, our baby loved meeting the animals up close in the controlled feeding times!
Steven Harris

It's truly a paradise!

TripAdvisor May 2018

It’s truly a paradise! from the scenery to the wonderfully cute animals loved every minute always something wonderful to experience just around the corner. Everything is super organised, peaceful and beautifully kept, job well done. Bring your camera and walking shoes and get up and close to the birds as you feed them their lunch! Their individual personalities are a pleasure to watch. Enjoy your day with the family take a ride on the train and have lunch all in one place. A wonderful recipe for an amazing day out. Thanks for a great day. Raquel. 🙂

Lovely day out with my 1 year old

Google+ Review May 2018

Lovely day out with my 1 year old, loads to see and do with all the displays and feedings. All easily accessible with a buggy. Will definitely go back again as she gets older to learn about the conservation work.
Samantha Coulls

Wonderful place for people of all ages

Google+ Review May 2018

Took my family here fun the day. Found it to be a wonderful place for people of all ages. There was lots to see and do. Every 1/2 hour there was a show, every thing from feeding the sheep and goats to birds of pray flying freely around the park. There are lots of photo opportunities including family photo with a really friendly penguin. I would recommend this for all, young or old I guarantee they will all have a wonderful experiance of the day.
Arnold Tweed

Highly recommend it for a day out

Facebook April 2018

Absolutely amazing little place! We live in Cornwall but haven’t had the chance to visit until yesterday. We stayed all day and were never short of mini attractions to see and get involved with. We visited with another family – we both have little ones under 2, and it was magical for them too. To actually have the opportunity to feed and pet a lot of the animals, including the penguins and exotic birds, was truly unique, and I would highly recommend it for a day out.
Charlotte East

Me and my partner enjoyed every second of it

Facebook March 2018

Absolutely amazing animal park. Me and my partner enjoyed every second of it. Feeding and petting the penguins was incredible and we’ve never seen that been done in any other zoo we’ve been too (and we’ve been to a lot!). Staff were lovely and friendly. It was raining when we went but it didn’t dampen our moods – just meant we got most of the park to ourselves! The red pandas are amazing and all of the animals look happy and have loads of space. Can’t wait to come back on our next holiday to Cornwall, one of my new favourite park/zoos.
Alice Tetley

Great place for a wet February half term

Google+ Review February 2018

Great place for a wet February half term day with granddaughters. Lots of organised happenings and the soft play area busy but well run. Nice cafe, friendly colleagues and a nice selection of food. Gift shop had a good selection of toys, gifts and novelties.
Amanda Rolleston

The JungleBarn is a favourite

Google+ December 2017

Great place to visit. My kids and I really love the red panda’s and red squirrels. The JungleBarn is a favourite of ours all year round. Whatever the weather. The gardens are beautiful from the exotic planting to the bee garden.
Anne-Marie Rance

One of Cornwall's hidden gems!

TripAdvisor August 2017

The park is clean and tidy, and the staff are very friendly and helpful.
I arrived feeling somewhat sceptical, and left happy, intrigued, and satisfied that I had “done my bit” to help with the development of one of Cornwall’s hidden gems!
Thank you to all involved with the running of Paradise Park. We had a wonderful time, and I can highly recommend you go and see for yourself.

Read Andrews full review on TripAdvisor here
Andrew Goddard

Varied day with knowledgeable and friendly staff

Google+ August 2017

Varied day with knowledgeable and friendly staff made encounter with the animals superb. We used their return ticket offer to go back and it was every bit as a good a day.
Stephen Phillips

"Value for money"

TripAdvisor February 2017

Our first visit here this year voucher on website £2 per person off. Paradise Park has had a welcome refurb for this year and I must say well done. The prices in the cafe are reasonable and food good. The grandkids were kept entertained throughout our visit an also gained some knowledge about the animals.
We look forward to our next visit later in the year.
Thanks Mary Allan josh and Sophie.

"Great party!"

TripAdvisor Feb 2017

Great party, great fun and lots to do. Its a zoo its a park its amazing! We will be going again in 2017.
Sue A.

"Great day out!"

TripAdvisor December 2016

Went with the wife and kids to see santa and spend the day at the park and wasnt expecting much but it was fantastic day santa was superb the best we have visited in years ,we all got to feed the penguins we watched the otters being fed the red pandas are just awesome as are all the animals the parrots macaws something for everyone feeding the goats and sheep the indoor play area for the kids and adults think i had more fun going down the slides more than the kids it is a must visit and you can spend the full day there the staff are all helpful and seem to love there jobs food and refreshments are all reasonable prices top day and we have already returned as the kids asked to go again and we did not hesitate at there choice.
James M.

"Fabulous Day"

Facebook June 2016

Fabulous day spent with you yesterday.We absolutely loved it.  Friendly informative staff, happy to answer lots of questions, and seemed very passionate about the wonderful birds in their care. A real honour to get so close to them. Loads of shows and activities all through the day that gave us lots of *wows* and *awwwws* lol 6 hours with you wasn’t enough! Lol Thankyou for a really wonderful day. We will definitely be back to see you again.
Lucy C.

"We had a super day here"

Facebook September 2016

We had a super day here yesterday with our 2 year old boy. He was most impressed by us getting picked to help feed the Penguins (day made). What a lovely selection of small animals and birds. The otters are adorable and it was nice to see animals I’d never seen before, red pandas and kookaburras. The birds of prey show was really good, just hope the escapee was found Haha!! The park is set out really well with dinosaurs lurking around every corner. We stayed for lunch which was delicious with plenty of choice and really friendly staff. We then went into the playbarn which was so much fun. We soon grabbed a hessian sack and made for the slides. Thank you for a lovely day out. We will certainly visit again when we are next visiting Cornwall.
Angela W
And yes the Eagle did return 🙂

"The Penguin feeding is great"

Facebook April 2016

Had a brilliant day out here. Lots to see and do and get involved in. The penguin feeding is great. My daughter particularly enjoyed feeding the farm animals.
The grounds are maintained beautifully.
All the staff are very helpful and polite and the facilities are excellent.
The soft play is amazing, the slides are brilliant, iv never seen anything like them, even though I couldn’t bring myself to go down the tallest red one, but my 3 year old daughter put me to shame going down 3 times.
My husband thought he lost his wedding ring on the wave slide and we were sad to think it was one gone, but with one phone call the helpful staff found it and returned it special delivery which we are very thankful for.
We had a great day out here, thank you Paradise Park.


TripAdvisor May 2016

As a couple we enjoyed walking around seeing all of the different birds and other animals. Everywhere was easily accessible and we were able to see all that was there. There were birds that we had never seen before. The display was really informative and we were so impressed with the Bald Eagle. We stopped off in the cafe before we left and found that it was clean and tidy, the prices of the refreshments were quite good value. We would definitely recommend Paradise Park as a good day out.
Karen B.

"Lots to see ... and not just birds either"

TripAdvisor March 2016

We decided last minute to visit the park and we are all glad we did. The group consisted of my partner (52 today!), our teenage son (17), my mother in law to be (nearly 80) and myself (nearly 45 with spinal arthritis). We ALL had a lovely afternoon looking at the birds and other creatures we found. The staff we saw were helpful and friendly, answering our questions with patience.
We had looked on the website before visiting and found a voucher for money off the entrance fee but even if we hadn’t, it would still have been worth it!
Ruth L.

"Great Day Out"

TripAdvisor March 2016

Wonderful park where you can see and experience lots of wildlife like birds, Parrots but also Otters, Red Pandas and Penguins. You also find an indoor play area and a nice cafe there. Absolutely worth a visit, especially with smaller children.
Hugo, Deutschland

"Park excellent condition"

Comments Book Oct 2015

What a very enjoyable visit. Park excellent condition. A lovely sunny day to enjoy fully. It was fantastic being able to feed penguins and get photo with them.
Hardwell, Leicestershire

“Great for Adults and Children.... Feeding the Lorikeets is a must...”

TripAdvisor Sep 2015

AMAZING… visited here between 2000 and 2010…. had a few years off and have returned this year (2015) was great to see that the things we enjoyed had not changed… the Free Flying Show where you actually see the birds close up, we mustn’t forget Dave though… and the feeding of the Lorikeets – a real experience for adults and children alike…. a pot of nectar in your hand…. very loud excited birds on your hands eating there in front of you….

"Worth every penny!"

Comments Book Sep 2015

Fabulous displays. Great conservation for endangered species. Worth every penny!
Suzy, Nick & Chris – Breage

"Very enjoyable experience"

Comments Book Sep 2015

Very, very enjoyable experience for the family. Looks like it is a superbly run park! Thank you!
Steven, Newquay

"Awesome Day Out"

TripAdvisor May 2015

“Lovely afternoon out with husband and children. Saw red pandas and flamingos which have never seen before. There was also a good dino quiz trail for the children which they enjoyed and also received a certificate at the end. We also managed to feed some birds as the park have certain events at particular times of the day which the kids enjoyed. Would recommend this to any holiday maker as an afternoon trip.”

"We had a wonderful day"

Facebook May 2015

“We had the most wonderful day here last week while we were on holiday in Cornwall! We spent a full day here and were able to feed the penguins and some parrots, and also the farm animals. We also enjoyed the flying shows from the different birds too. We thoroughly enjoyed the full day and we will definitely return next time we holiday in Cornwall!”
Lauren Oglesby

"Fabulous place"

Comments Book May 2015

“Fabulous place, a credit to all staff. Will return one day.”
Mike & Sharon, Kent

"Great first time visit"

Comments book May 2015

“Great first time visit. We will return again. Lovely staff and beautiful wildlife”
Carrie, Paul & Ollie

"Lovely day out!"

TripAdvisor 2014

“Lovely day out! Really informative.
The variety of birds on display is amazing. So informative and really nicely laid out almost feels like you are on an adventure as you walk round :)”

Coastline Housing chose us as a venue…

“The Paradise Park team has worked tirelessly to support our events. With over 250 attendees, their customer service to both Coastline staff and customers has been outstanding. Nothing has been too much trouble and I cannot praise them enough!!”

"Fantastic as ever"

Facebook review 2014

“Fantastic as ever. I would highly recommend a visit to anyone visiting Cornwall. To get so close to the animals is a real treat and the shows are amazing. Our girls loved all of it and topping it off with slides in the Jungle Barn. A total hit from start to finish. Had we been staying longer we would have taken advantage of the return tickets. Wish we had something like this closer to home. Very educational but you don’t actually realise. Our girls have remembered so much.”
Jo B


From penguin feeding to the fantastic JungleBarn indoor play centre to exotic summer gardens, there is plenty to keep you entertained on your visit to Paradise Park.

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‘JungleBarn’ indoor play centre is fabulous fun whatever the weather. Giant slides, challenging soft play, toddlers’ zone with ball fountain you and your kids will want to stay all day.

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