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Red Panda cubs venture out to see the visitors

25th September 2015

Director Alison Hales comments “During this last week, the Red Panda cubs have been out of their den all day, exploring their enclosure and for the first time climbing up trees to reach an outdoor shelter. Mum Jai-Li is always close by, and the photo shows her with one of the cubs peeping out behind her.

The cubs are a boy and girl, named Rusty and Scarlet after suggestions by visitors and facebook friends.

Red Panda mum Jai-Li and cub out all day

They are still spending some time in their den, often playing together, which is a good way to build up the muscles they will soon be using to climb trees with great agility. The live webcam has been a huge success, but now you may be lucky and see them for real if you visit the Park and look up in to the trees!”

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