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Rosie and Valentine – a match made in Paradise

Lovebird finds her perfect mate in Paradise. The story of Rosie and Valentine.
13th February 2018 (another news update at the bottom of the page)

Rosie and Valentine snuggle together at Paradise Park
Rosie and Valentine snuggle together and RIGHT: kissing lovebirds!

When a respected bird keeper wanted to retire from birdkeeping, he looked for a home for his pure-bred group of Lilian’s Lovebirds. This is a ‘near threatened’ species of parrot and Keepers were keen to establish a breeding group at Paradise Park. But with them, was a single Abyssinian Lovebird – not a rare species, but would they also take her?

Of course they said ‘yes’. And that is how ‘Rosie’ came to live at Paradise Park in Cornwall, which specialises in endangered parrots, and is home to the World Parrot Trust charity.

Rosie the Abyssinian Lovebird
LEFT: Rosie in the Tropical House  RIGHT: Chick due to fledge in February 2018 (Photo: Louise Caddy)

For the summer of 2017 Rosie lived in the Tropical House at the Park, with several other species including Pekin Robins, Rouloul Partridges and Bleeding-heart Doves – but none of them were parrots. Although Abyssinian Lovebirds are not an endangered species of parrot, there are not many kept in Europe. Thankfully, keepers did manage to locate a male Abyssinian Lovebird to keep her company.

They met in autumn 2017. It was love at first sight!

The Keepers named him ‘Valentine’ and the pair would sit cosily together, it was not long before visits to nest boxes followed. Once they chose their favourite location, eggs were laid but it is only now that they have succeeded in incubating and hatching an egg. Their first chick is in the nest and at their regular checks the Keepers can see that it is thriving. As it is already well feathered it is expected to fledge within days – all at the Park are excited that they will soon see the whole family together.

Keep a check on our Twitter and Facebook pages for the latest news on this little chick!

NEWS UPDATE 19th February 2018 – Rosie and Valentine’s chick has fledged and he (or she) is a beauty! The chick is a little shy and is in the background 🙂
Abyssinian Lovebird family Paradise Park

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