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Sad passing of Red Panda Lang Za

Paradise Park is sad to announce the passing of Red Panda ‘Lang Za’.

Lang Za in Dec 2008 Lang Za Aug 2018 with his distinctive pale nose
LEFT: Lang Za when he arrived in 2008. RIGHT: From August 2018 with Lang Za showing the distinctive pale nose he developed

Keeper Donna Sinclair said “Lang Za was 12 and a half years old, a good age for a Red Panda. He came to Paradise Park in December 2008 from Port Lympne Wild Animal Park when he was two and a half, and was partnered with two females during his time at the Park, Pandora and Jai-Li. With Jai-Li he produced seven cubs, including Scarlet who is still at Paradise Park.

Two Lang Za cubs, Tiffany and Cherry Keeper Donna Sinclair and Red Panda Lang Za
LEFT: Cubs Tiffany and Cherry playing in their den. RIGHT: Keeper Donna Sinclair with Lang Za

He had part of his tail amputated in 2017 due to skin lesions. This was a successful operation and after a period of recuperation he was fully able to climb high which is an important part of a Red Panda’s life. He always picked out the slices of pear in his food to eat first, and was happy to take part in our Red Panda Experiences.

We have loved our years with him. I’ll remember him as a gentle soul allowing Jai-Li and his cubs to take the limelight.”

The remaining Red Pandas at Paradise Park are mum Jai-Li, her daughter Scarlet and her companion Suri.

Red Panda Experiences are available at the Park with part of the funds raised going to the Red Panda Network, which is establishing the world’s first protected area dedicated to red pandas: the Panchthar-Ilam-Taplejung (PIT) Red Panda Protected Forest in eastern Nepal.

Paradise Park has raised thousands of pounds towards two projects run by the Red Panda Network.

A video from March 2018 which starts with Lang Za tucking in to lunch on a very snowy day in Cornwall.

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