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Scarlet Macaws Aloysius and Zorro have had their first chicks

1st November 2015

Paradise Park staff are delighted to announce that their Scarlet Macaws Aloysius and Zorro have had their first chicks!

Curator David Woolcock comments “Aloysius laid four eggs, the first chick hatched on the 31st August joined quickly by a second, and both are growing well. These are the first for this pair and so far the parents are being very attentive, and doing a good job in a small space. In the wild Scarlet Macaws use hollows in tree trunks to nest, and the box we have made is a similar size.”

“We have installed a live webcam showing you inside their nest box which is in the Parrot Jungle area of Paradise Park. The camera means that we can check the progress of the chicks without disturbing the adults.”

Scarlet Macaws Aloysius and Zorro

The World Parrot Trust, based at Paradise Park, has supported direct conservation from the mid-1990s until now to protect the Scarlet Macaw. While listed as Least Concern by the IUCN Red List, it is under severe threat from the wild bird trade. Conservation efforts receiving logistical or financial support from the WPT are underway in Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Costa Rica. You can read more about the projects HERE.

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