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Latin Name: Agapornis taranta
Status: Least Concern
Food: Wild diet: Feeds on tree fruits, including figs and berries.
Population: Population increase.
Distribution: Eritrea, Ethiopia
Interesting Fact: Ongoing habitat degradation actually creates new areas of suitable habitat for them.

Abyssinian Lovebird

These small Abyssinian Lovebird parrots are also known as Black-winged Lovebirds – their black wing feathers can usually be seen quite clearly. Abyssinian refers to the area where they live in the wild, northern Ethiopia in eastern Africa and also across the border in Eritrea.

Males are easy to identify as they have red on their foreheads, while females are all green.

They live in pairs during the breeding season but then join into small flocks, roosting communally in nest cavities. This is an unusual species as its population is thought to be increasing in the wild – ongoing habitat degradation actually creates new areas of suitable habitat for them.

More information is available on this species on the World Parrot Trust website here

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