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Latin Name: Ara glaucogularis
Status: Critically Endangered
Population: There may be just 125 birds left in the wild.
Distribution: Bolivia

Blue-throated Macaw

This long-tailed member of the parrot family comes from flooded areas of tropical forest in Bolivia. It relies on palm trees, for nests and for its favourite food, palm nuts.

Tragically it was trapped to near-extinction, and is now one of the world’s rarest birds – there may be just 125 birds left in the wild.

Once animals are this rare they may find it difficult to locate mates and produce young. The World Parrot Trust, based at Paradise Park, is already supporting the remaining birds, and now has a project to release captive bred birds in the very large areas where the habitat can support them. Read more here.

When this pair is breeding you can see CCTV pictures from their nest on a monitor at the Fun Farm.


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