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Latin Name: Aquila chrysaetos
Status: Least Concern
Food: They prey mainly on small to medium-sized mammals, including hares, rabbits, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, and marmots
Population: Their global breeding population is estimated to be 300,000
Distribution: Widely distributed across Eurasia. Primarily in mountains up to 12,000 feet, canyonlands, rimrock terrain, and riverside cliffs and bluffs
Interesting Fact: These eagles are also known to take larger bird and mammal prey, including cranes, swans, deer, and domestic livestock.

Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle is a huge bird of prey, with long broad wings. Females are larger than males and can weigh up to 7kg or about 15lb.

Eagles have traditional territories and nesting places, often on high cliffs, which may be used for generations. The species is very widely distributed across Eurasia. In Britain they live on the wild moors and mountains of Scotland, favouring islands and remote glens. A few live in similar habitat in the north of England.

Golden Eagles have very good eyesight and can spot prey from a long distance. The talons are used for killing and carrying the prey, the beak is used only for eating. They prey mainly on small to medium-sized mammals, including hares and rabbits. In addition to live prey, Golden Eagles often feed on carrion, following crows and other scavengers to a meal. They also catch fish, rob nests, and steal food from other birds.

Our eagle is called Talis, and she came to us in 2018 after being rescued from neglect.

Talis the Golden Eagle finds her forever home (Sep 2018)

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