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Latin Name: Micromys minutus
Status: Least Concern
Food: Mainly vegetarian, eating seeds and fruits, but will also eat invertebrates.
Population: The population is hard to determine as they are very difficult to count.
Distribution: Grassland, farmland and wetlands.
Interesting Fact: The only British mammal to have a prehensile tail.

Harvest Mouse

This is Europe’s smallest rodent. They live in long grass and hedgerows and have a prehensile tail which is able to grasp the stems of plants helping them to move through long vegetation.

They have gingerish coat and a white belly, small hairy ears and a much blunter nose than other mice.

They build a completely spherical nest of woven grass and can have three litters a year.

Long grass around field margins is good habitat for them, and leaving extra space around crops is a great way to help them survive.

They do live in the wild in Cornwall but the population is hard to determine as they are very difficult to count.


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