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Latin Name: Equus asinus asinus miniature
Status: Not Evaluated
Distribution: This species originally came from Sicily and Sardinia.
Interesting Fact: Becoming increasingly rare in their native Sicily and Sardinia.

Miniature Donkey

Our little donkeys are pedigree Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys, a breed originally from Sardinia.

Our first two were ‘jennys’, as female donkeys are known, and called Jasmine and Periwinkle.

They have had foals called Lily, Willow, Rosemary and Basil.

Miniature donkeys are 9 hands (36 inches, 91 cm) or less at the withers when fully grown, and are usually measured in inches.

They eat hay and grain, as well as the occasional apple. There are over 20,000 individuals spread around the world.



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