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Latin Name: Psittrichas fulgidus
Status: Vulnerable
Food: Feeds mainly on soft pulp of figs and possibly mangoes and flowers and nectar.
Population: Unknown, decreasing.
Distribution: Found in mountains of mainland New Guinea.
Interesting Fact: The Pesquet's Parrot is one of three parrots with bare (featherless) faces. It is thought it has evolved this way to avoid feathers becoming matted with the fruit pulp the parrot feeds on.

Pesquet’s Parrot

This parrot is also known as the Dracula Parrot or Vulturine Parrot due to its unusual looks.

As a specialist fruit eater it is seasonally nomadic, moving around to find the ripest ones. We offer a wide variety of fruit, plus nectar (as given to lorikeets) liquidised with additional fruit to make a delicious smoothie full of vitamins.

A threat to them in the wild is hunting for their feathers which are used for ceremonial dress.

We had just two male Pesquet’s but in Spring 2023 were able to arrange for two females to join them from Toledo Zoo in the USA.

Learn more about this species on the World Parrot Trust website HERE.


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