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Latin Name: Phalcoboenus australis
Status: Near Threatened
Food: Carrion, offal and small invertebrates.
Population: 500-650 pairs remaining on the Falklands.
Distribution: Argentina; Chile; Falkland Islands

Striated Caracara

The Striated Caracara was once considered common in the Falkland Islands where it is known as the ‘Johnny Rook’. Charles Darwin visited East Falkland, in 1833 and wrote that it was ‘exceedingly numerous’.

Primarily a scavenger, feeding on carrion, offal and unusually for a falcon, it digs up small invertebrates using its claws.

It preys on injured creatures such as young seabirds, but because it also attacks weak lambs it was ruthlessly persecuted by sheep farmers.

Recent surveys suggest there are currently 500-650 pairs remaining on the Falklands, mainly living on islands uninhabited by people.

Bred at Paradise Park.

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