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Super Cute Otter Pups

23rd August 2023

Last April 2024 we were delighted to announce that Pippin and Katarni, the Asian Otters who arrived at the Park back in April 2023, had four cute otter pups Sushi, Kimchi, Yuzu and Dumpling pictured below!

Even more excited to announce a second bevy of four otter pups, which we should start seeing being carried and making initial appearances in May and more so in June and throughout the summer holidays!

Photos and info below are from the first four pups in 2023 and will be updated soon with photos of the new 2024 pups.

Keeper Becky and Vet Paul Hall with otter pups at Paradise Park Cornwall
Keeper Becky Waite with vet Paul Hall and the four pups

Keeper Becky Waite explains “Their first check was on 23rd August 2023 with our vet Paul Hall, so now we know that there are three females and one male (since they have been named Sushi, Kimchi, Yuzu and Dumpling), and all are doing very well. Mum has been teaching them and tyey are doing great!
As of October, the pups are now out a lot more during the day and also at feed times.

Otter pups at Paradise Park in Hayle Cornwall

Otter pup

It was love at first sight for mum Pippin who came from Woburn Safari Park and dad Katarni from Tilgate Nature Centre. Almost immediately they were gathering grass and straw to make a cosy home within the holt, and they now have a wonderful little family.”

This is the smallest of the otter species and considered ‘Vulnerable’ in the wild. They communicate in little squeals and are very playful, often rolling around with a pebble in their ‘hands’ or digging around a rock.

Otter Pippin with one of her pups
Photo captures mum Pippin with one of her pups as she moved them on 22nd August. 

Find out more about Asian Otters HERE

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