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Events and things to do throughout the year including Easter Egg Hunts, summer flying displays, Quiz trails around the Park, Halloween Disco and more.

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The gardens are designed to complement the exotic wildlife at Paradise Park, and to provide plenty of nectar for native pollinators.

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Make it a birthday to remember with your choice of four themed party rooms with the birthday child’s name displayed on the door.

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Parrots are intelligent, charismatic and beautiful, but sensitive and demanding – as pets they are a BIG responsibility!

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Donations – Thank You For Your Support

Paradise Park is a Wildlife Sanctuary in Hayle, Cornwall, and home to the World Parrot Trust and Operation Chough.

We need your help!

Due to the closure and ongoing limited visitor numbers, financially things are going to be very tough for us for a considerable time.

It costs more than £1,500 a week just for the food for the 1,200 animals at Paradise Park but with veterinary costs, staff wages and utilities this rises to over £10,000 a week.

Our many visitors know that we strive to give the very best care to our animals and at the same time create amazing family memories. Every gift really will make a difference in helping to ensure the high standard of care we pride ourselves on continue every day.

We fully understand that this is a difficult time but by donating you are playing a vital part in Paradise Park’s survival.

With heartfelt thanks from all of us at Paradise Park xx

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We also have an Amazon Wish List of enrichment items for the birds and animals here

How your donations are making a difference.

Below are some examples of how your donations are being spent. THANK YOU xx

The main food for a Red Panda is bamboo. There is not much nutritional content in bamboo which is why Red Pandas in the wild will spend around 15 hours a day eating the leaves. Although they have fresh bamboo every day, we also give a high fibre bamboo panda cake to make sure they get enough leafy content in their diet. The panda cake comes as a course powder which we mix with warm water and roll into cake balls. One sack of ‘panda cake mix’ costs us around £80 and lasts for about two weeks. So, you can see they have quite an expensive diet. They also enjoy vegetables like sweet potatoes, parsnips and carrots which are steamed and small amounts of grapes, apple and pear. Find out more about Red Pandas here.
Weekly cost for Panda Cake Mix = £40
Annual cost for Panda Cake Mix = £2,080
Keeper Donna Sinclair has produced a little video for you at the bottom of this page to explain about Red Panda diets.

To feed each penguin their favourite fish each week it costs around £10.40 (that’s 266 sprats a week per penguin on average). Overall, this works out at around £11,000 a year for our colony of Humboldt’s Penguins. On top of this, they also have salt tablets and vitamin/mineral tablets called Aquaminivits.
Weekly cost for sprats for one penguin = £10.40
Annual cost of sprats for the colony = £11,000

Flamingos Flock to Paradise Park in Hayle

It costs us around £22 for the 15 kilos of specialist pelleted feed our flamingo flock eat each week, high protein version at this time (April)of year.
Don’t forget you can watch our new flamingo webcam here and see if you can spot Derek throughout the day.

ENRICHMENTAmazon Wish List
As part of our enrichment programme, our Keepers create fun, interesting, interactive enrichment activities which are key in encouraging a range of normal behaviours that birds and mammals find rewarding, providing them with mental stimulation, social interaction and exercise. This also includes food treats.

The photo above is Herbert a Palm Cockatoo eating a palm nut. A bag of palm nuts was bought for Herbert and his family from our AMAZON WISH LIST for around £20. The list includes a variety of foods, toys and key equipment for the Keepers in caring for our birds and animals.

Medicine and medical supplies along with veterinary bills are another key cost in running Paradise Park. This photo is of ‘Little Crane’ who was born with curled toes. Special bandages were applied on the chick’s toes to help straighten them out. Many individuals have medicines and special supplements to help keep them in the best possible health.
Examples of costs
Cost of Calcivet (Liquid calcium and vitamin D3 supplement) for birds = £21.95
Cost of shampoo for the Miniature Donkeys = £17.10
Cost of annual veterinary bills and medicines on average = £22,000

Video from Keeper Donna Sinclair

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