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Turns out Derek the Flamingo chick is actually female

Keeper Becky Waite who has been hand-rearing Derek explains “DNA analysis of the egg shell has confirmed that Derek is in fact female. The initial nickname Derek has become so popular with staff and visitors that we have decided to keep it”

Derek and Keeper Becky

Derek at 17 days old with Keeper Becky

Originally back in August Derek’s parents had stopped incubating about a week too early. So Keepers decided to put the egg in an incubator not knowing if it would hatch, but within days the egg started chirping – Derek hatched successfully on 19th August! Keeper Becky Waite hand-reared Derek until she was 22 days when she was able to stay at the Park full time and caring for her started to be shared with other Keepers.

Day 22 Derek out in his pen this afternoon

Day 22 and Derek is out in her new pen

Day 13 Flamingo chick on the scales 202g

Day 13 and flamingo chick Derek on the scales as she hits a milestone just over 200g

Becky continues “A new pen has been built and this will give us the opportunity to slowly introduce her to the main flock. We will be taking her out on exercise walks each day weather permitting.”

Day 15 and Derek is out enjoy walks around the garden

Day 15 and Derek is out enjoy walks around the garden

The flock here at Paradise Park was very small until last summer when five flamingos arrived from Slimbridge Wetland Centre. With a bigger flock size we were in a stronger position to achieve breeding success.

We are hopeful that this is now the beginning and look forward to more chicks hatching in the future.

Day 21 and Derek is now over 45 cm tall

Day 21 and Derek is now over 45 cm tall

We have a ‘Flamingo Chick Update blog with behind the scenes photos, some lovely videos and news on Derek’s progress .

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