Paradise Park

Wildlife Sanctuary • Cornwall

Events and things to do throughout the year including Easter Egg Hunts, summer flying displays, Quiz trails around the Park, Halloween Pumpkin Trail and more.

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Make it a birthday to remember with your choice of four themed party rooms with the birthday child’s name displayed on the door.

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About Us

Paradise Park is a wildlife sanctuary and tourist attraction. The Park is family run and home to Operation Chough since 1987, and the World Parrot Trust registered charity from 1989.

Recommended Route
We have 14 acres and the ‘recommended route’ signs will lead you to the Victorian walled garden, shady jungle walk, the Fun Farm, past Glanmor House to the picnic lawn and play areas.

The latest deveploments include ‘The Tropics’ a new range of aviaries designed for colourful parrot species from the world’s tropical regions with a Walk Through Aviary. We grow exotic plants in the walled garden, nectar-rich annual flowers is sunny areas, snowdrops and ramsons in the shade in a new woodland walk area to encourage more native wildlife.

Cedric the Citron-crested Cockatoo waving

Cedric the Citron-crested Cockatoo

The Park is home to over 1,200 birds (including around 700 parrots) plus mammals including Red Pandas, Red Squirrels, Asian Otters, Harvest Mice plus the Fun Farm animals. See some of the species information here. We specialise in endangered parrots and many other rare species, with on-site fundraising for many conservation projects, local and worldwide.


Caribbean Flamingo

You’ll meet stunningly colourful birds including Scarlet Macaws, Blue-throated Macaws, Lears Macaws (the only place to see this species in the UK),  Humboldt’s Penguins, Caribbean Flamingos, Cornwall’s Red-billed Choughs, Golden and Bald Eagles, Kookaburras, hornbills and so many more. Plus, the Fun Farm with Miniature Mediterranean donkeys, pygmy goats and sheep, and cute guinea pigs.

The amazing summer ‘Eagles of Paradise’ display gives you the opportunity to see birds like Dakota the Bald Eagle and Tangee the Palm-nut Vulture close-up as they fly over and around you during these very informative and interesting flying displays. Meet the keepers and one or two or the bird of prey at the end of the show to ask questions and for great photo opportunities.

The Show Team

The Show Team

You can’t fail to be amazed by the birds at the summer afternoon ‘Free Flying Bird Show‘ which runs from Easter to September. Presenters explain the natural bird behaviours on display in a wonderfully entertaining way, with Amazon parrots, choughs and other birds flying free.

Six Choughs from Paradise Park head off to Jersey with Lee Durrell

Six Choughs from Paradise Park heading off to Jersey with Lee Durrell

Operation Chough
Operation Chough is a conservation project established at Paradise Park, in Hayle, Cornwall in 1987. We breed choughs in captivity, and are working with our partners to establish groups in several locations, including Jersey and Kent.

WPT logo 2019

The World Parrot Trust charity has conservation and welfare projects worldwide and has helped the survival of 80 species of parrot in 43 countries. One welfare project is in the UK – we were alerted to the plight of nearly 200 macaws in a crumbling UK breeding facility. Our staff played a key role in creating a new specially built facility and moving the parrots.

We feel privileged to be in a position to give visitors opportunities to experience the beauty of nature and understand its complexity. This is a time of heightened awareness, Sir David Attenborough has it right “No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced”.

The Reynolds Family

Photo taken back in 2006. From the left: Nick Reynolds, Audrey and Mike Reynolds, Alison and Ray Hales.

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World Parrot Trust

The World Parrot Trust, based at Paradise Park, is active around the world. So far we have helped the survival of 70 species of parrot in 43 countries.

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Operation Chough

Operation Chough is a conservation project established at Paradise Park in 1987. The Red-billed Chough is a member of the crow family.

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Conservation Projects

Conservation projects and campaigns we are currently involved in or supporting by raising awareness and funds.

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