Paradise Park

Wildlife Sanctuary • Cornwall

Events and things to do throughout the year including Easter Egg Hunts, summer flying displays, Quiz trails around the Park, Halloween Pumpkin Trail and more.

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Make it a birthday to remember with your choice of four themed party rooms with the birthday child’s name displayed on the door.

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Fantastic May Half Term Activities

25th May to 2nd June 2024

Special 30th Birthday celebrations for Max the famous Cockatoo during May Half Term.

This Half Term is extra special, with the very popular Max the Umbrella Cockatoo celebrating his 30th Birthday on Sunday 26th May. He will have a special birthday card which visitors can sign, and there will be meet and greet photo opportunities with Max and his best friend Director Nick Reynolds, below.
Director Nick and Max the Umbrella Cockatoo

SAVE £1 per person this Half Term
Use code ‘PARADISE’ for visits from 25th May to 2nd June 2024 and save £1.00pp off standard admission for all single tickets

New Half Term Quiz – ‘A little Piece of Paradise’
A fun and educational quiz, with fascinating facts about the history of the Park, plus, test your conservation and native wildlife knowledge and once complete claim your special packet of wild flower seeds so you can create a little piece of paradise for yourself. Seeds available while stocks last.

A Little Piece of Paradise Quiz cover

PENGUIN FEEDING time and talk 11am and 4pm. A fascinating talk about our wonderful Humboldt’s Penguin colony and the individual penguins you will see, at their pool in the walled garden.

Penguin feeding Paradise Park Cornwall

OTTER FEEDING See the super cute otters. Parents Pippin and Katarni and their pups Sushi, Kimchi, Yuzu and Dumpling at the feeding times 10:30am and 4:30pm.

Family of otters Paradise Park Hayle Cornwall

EAGLES OF PARADISE DISPLAY’ at 11:30am. Don’t miss these amazing birds of prey like Dakota the Bald Eagle and Tangee a Palm-nut vulture fly free near the Fun Farm. Followed by a brilliant up-close photo opportunity when the Keepers bring out one or two of birds of prey and answer questions.

Matt and Dakota

The popular ‘FLIGHT OF THE RAINBOWS’ experience is at 2pm. Option to buy small pots of rich nectar to feed the forty plus noisy and mischievous little lorikeet parrots that come swooping out from their aviary down to the awaiting crowd in their walk-through Rainbow Aviary in the walled garden.

Lorikeet feeding at Paradise Park

The FREE FLYING BIRD SHOW is at 3pm. Stunningly beautiful Amazon parrots, Red-billed Choughs, Sun Conures and more, flying free on the main stage and across the picnic lawn, above and in-between the visitors. This is a show where you’ll meet wonderful birds, find out some intriguing info, and smile a lot!

Free Flying Bird Show

PLUS – HAVE A COCKATOO FLY TO YOUR HAND at the end of the 3pm  ‘Free Flying Bird Show’
A unique and fun way for the staff and birds to fundraise for Paradise Park’s conservation projects. You have the opportunity to go up on the main stage at the end of the afternoon ‘Free Flying Bird Show’ to give a £1 or £2 donation. Roseate Cockatoos Billy, Rizzo or Rio will be ready to fly to your hand, collect the coin, fly back to the presenter, and place it into the collection tin. Great fun and a very popular experience, all for a good cause.

Cockatoo coin collecting experience

IMPRESSIVE SCARLET MACAW SPECTACLE at the end of the 3pm  ‘Free Flying Bird Show’
You will be moved by the sight of the stunningly beautiful parrots flying out of their aviary and soaring into the sky. Strong and skilled flyers, our very sweet macaws are Haribo, Candy, Calipo, Dotty, Truffles, Skittles, Sherbert, Shrimp, Rhubarb, Polo, Malteser and Bounty.

Scarlet Macaws flying Paradise Park Cornwall

HUGE JUNGLEBARN INDOOR PLAY CENTRE For energetic fun every day! Our huge indoor ‘JungleBarn’ play centre is fabulous fun whatever the weather. With giant slides, challenging soft play and toddlers’ zone with ball fountain.

JungleBarn Play Centre

PARADISE OUTDOOR PLAYGROUND Climb the towers, slide into the ‘river’ and ride a rocking dolphin!

Paradise Island

THE TROPICS is our open-air development which is home to tropical birds in spacious flights including Palm Cockatoos, Sun Conures, Pesquet’s Parrots and Mitchell’s Lorikeets. In the walk-through area you’ll meet a large flock of green budgies and nesting Blue-crowned Pigeons.


DOWN ON THE FUN FARM Children love our Fun Farm Tractor! See our mini donkeys called Jasmine, Periwinkle, Lily and Basil, plus, Ouessant sheep and Pygmy goats, Harvest Mice and not forgetting our guinea pig herd (known as a ‘muddle’) in ‘Pets Corner’.

Guinea pigs

HELP FEED the cute goats and sheep down on the Fun Farm. Each day there are 150 little bags of ‘Goat and Sheep Food’ which are 65p and available on entry.

Goat and Sheep Feeding 2

On good weather days the JUNGLE EXPRESS TRAIN, will be out for a spin! Board the train near the picnic lawn and set off through the gardens of Glanmor House on a small route of two circuits around the house grounds (not the whole Park). Includes the top section of Parrot Jungle, a trip through a twinkly lights tunnel leading to behind the scenes at the back of the house. The fare is just £1, for train times please check when you arrive.

Zebedee the Jungle Express Train

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